Friday, July 11, 2008


Watched by family, past and future.

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Bonnie Sorenson said...

I sent you an email 3 days ago. Have you read it? It has some important questions for you. Please read.

Bathing in a Bucket is wonderful writing. It sounded like you were reliving something that has really happened. I loved the imagery in "I soaped the summer smell off his neck", "Warm toast kind of magic", and the entire last paragraph was so incredible. I am hoping that these words come true for me in the future: Maybe if I am lucky I, too, will be "watched by unseen generations, the ones who have gone before and those unborn, waiting to come." Your last paragraph was truly magic and something my heart yearns for now.

I wish I lived closer to you, so I could go on an adventure with you. You have a poet's heart--someone who can find excitement in the smallest treasures of life that most people don't even notice.