Thursday, July 10, 2008


Good eye finds perfect parking spot.


Bonnie Sorenson said...

I love your sense of humor. I loved The Parking Spot entry of July 9, and I just finished reading all of your funny comments on my daugther's blog. She is Crazy in AZ on Shirt's blog buddy list. She's not really crazy, but she did have some funny posts on her possible family scripture and her American Idol experience with her husband's overflowing enthusiasm about going to it. I have read parts of your voluminous blog before, but I have never left a comment, but through reading your various entries, I was able to make contact with Joe Alleman. I looked him up on the internet, emailed him and he emailed me back. I taught him in 7th grade. Thanks Lynn. I am Teach on Shirt's blog buddy list and I would love to have you read and make comments on my new blog:

Camille said...

If you want to see what the 56 goals are--then click on Megi's link on my blog and find her post about it. In some ways it's inspiring to see what she wants to do, and it made me want to do some of the same types of things to better my self. Megi will be able to do it--she's amazing. Notice--I've only chosen 2 goals for myself right now. I'm pacing myself.