Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Yesterday I was paying for groceries and my debit card was gone. Totally gone. I do NOT loose things. Not ever. But it was gone. When I got home I dumped my purse on the table and went through everything. Three times. It was gone. I called the bank--no one had used it since I had used it last week. I called the place I used it last. Not there.

By the way, this is the inside of my purse after the ten pounds of useless stuff has been thrown away. I don't want any junkie-purse-owners to get a complex or anything.

"Are you going to cancel your card?" Phil asked.

"If I can't find it. I feel it's right here."

So, Phil went through everything on the table too. Twice. "Your card is not here. Did you check your pants?"

So I did. I even went through pants pockets of pants I haven't worn in days/weeks/months/years, just in case. I'm not kidding, I went through a pair of pants I don't remember ever wearing. The tags are probably still on them.

But I still didn't call the bank because I knew the card was right here.

Several hours later: I'm writing my blog and I remember I have some notes on "things overheard" in my notebook in my purse.
So I go upstairs, pick up the notebook...that I had looked through THREE TIMES, thoroughly... and Phil had looked through TWICE, and put my fingers barely inside one of the pages and pulled out my debit card. It was right near the edge, not even buried deep inside.

Now I ask you, how did it get in there? The angels put it in there, right? Well, they sure have a great sense of humor, don't you think?

In a week or two I'll laugh about it. Maybe.

PS It was probably mother. She always told me to look out the window to see the horse that I COULD NEVER FIND! I think there never was a horse. In fact this was the subject of my very first blog. My mother. What a jokster.

PPS I don't loose things but I obviously misplace things. Like money. But, hey, at least I'm interesting. Careless and irresponsible, it seems, but interesting. And now, I'm also the butt of angel practical jokes.

PPPS And yes, that's how you spell "butt," as in "the butt of a joke." I looked it up.


Pam's Place said...

The angels came to my house, too, Lynne. Yesterday morning as I was getting ready to leave the house, I couldn't find the case for my cell phone, which I remembered leaving on the table with the rest of the stuff I had to take with me. I looked all thru it, thoroughly, consciously thinking "wouldn't it be funny if it were right here?". Then I checked the kitchen counter, the bathroom (where I recharge my cell), my bedroom. I returned to the kitchen where I had looked in the beginning, and there it was! RIGHT IN PLAIN SIGHT!! I know you hate exclamation points, but this situation calls for 'em. Yes, the angels were playing jokes yesterday.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

I used an exclamation point in this very blog. Sometimes it's just what you need. I've had more than one writing teacher say to charge yourself ten dollars for everyone you use, and you KNOW I'm thrifty.

When are we going to J-Dawg?

Vlad said...

I read your this moment in your life and had to laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Colette Amelia said...

I have those angels or are they gremlins meself and let me tell you all they do is waste a lot of my time, get me confused and sometimes cost me money. I had to buy more limes for I could not find the one in the fridge that I knew I had. Of course there it was. Why do they pick on the ones who need all their brain cells just to function?