Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Pam and I went to Border's today to pick up a book about my favorite subject--not that I want this subject to happen, mind you, but it's fascinating--the end-of-the-world or perhaps the almost-end-of-the-world, where civilization is struggling to stay alive. This book is called The City of Ember and they are making a movie about it. I can't wait. Also, I had a 20% off coupon. I also bought a book for one of the grandkids but won't say just which one, in case...well, I don't think they read this blog but sometimes their parents do.
Anyway, we parked, went in to Borders, came out, drove off and had the never ending discussion of where shall we have lunch. We decided, drove around the round-about, and Pam said, "Oh, there's a good spot," and it was the same spot we just drove out of except this time she drove all the way through so she didn't have to back up when leaving...for the second time.

Here she is, being so smart to find such a good parking place. Again.

We had a lovely lunch at Shoots and she sent me home with her leftovers and I gave them to Phil, along with mine, because the first words out of his mouth, when I got home was, "You were going to be gone an hour!"

He really should know better by now, don't you think? And we saved tons of time by finding such a good parking space, too. I could have been gone much longer if Pam didn't have such a good eye.


Pam's Place said...

You are so funny, Lynne. I had a delightful afternoon, thanks to you.

Camille said...

I can see myself in this story--right down to my husband saying "I thought you were going to be gone an hour." I think it's funny that you had a camera with you to go to a bookstore. lol By the way, I love books, all kinds of books, and now I'm going to have to check out this one. Thanks for the comments. I would love for you to visit my blog anytime. With teenagers and a husband that's ha-larious, there's usually a ton of funny stuff on my blog. Lately, it's been all drama and sad, but things are lookin' up!

whirligigdaisy said...

I love "City of Ember." I saw they were making a movie of it. I'm excited for it. I loved the book. Hope you do too. We expect a full report.