Sunday, July 13, 2008


Rusty nail, cactus spiked, cat voice.


Anonymous said...

when will you be cat free? Gordon and Arnold desperately want to come for a visit. a cat stew might be nice. but if your makin' stew, perhaps you should wait _until_ their next visit. but no really, are you still _actively_ trying to get rid of said cats?

I'm your favorite.

Anonymous said...

He's not your favorite, mom. you know who really is. why it's me of course. me me me.
okay, I have to admit... perhaps he is your favorite. in fact I think he is. yea... he probably is. at least I'm number 2. let this be the ultimate and official public announcement that lord bumhead or whatever you call him is in fact your favorite.

yfc... but now should be y#2fc.

Anonymous said...

alright people! I want to know who is inpersonating Mom's favorite child, which is ME, Hillary, Haggus (but I don't love that name) Her ROYAL Higgness, Hildy the happy hippy homemaker and not any of you people. That'llbeeall. Moms real FAVORITE child. the end.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Well, I wonder whom the Anonymous poster is that pretended to be the Anonymous Gilmore Girl, aka yfc, which means "your favorite child?" Could it be Lord Bumhampton himself or could it be Kraut or the The Brown Dot? Could it even be Her Excellency of Mousehole or even Lord Bumhampton's loyal wife, Nurse Giggleswitch? One thing we DO know is that it's NOT Gilmore Girl--who had to post as anonymous BECAUSE SHE REFUSES TO START A BLOG. Maybe it serves her right.

Love from yfm which means your favorite mother--but that is only because you can't remember your Heavenly Mother so until then, I remain,
Your Favorite Mother