Saturday, September 5, 2009


I've done it again. Yesterday, we had been in Salt Lake City and when we came home I got undressed and went right to bed. I slept three hours and then got up at 9:30 to make buttermilk pies--well, cookie sheets full of buttermilk pie. One was for the luncheon after a funeral, today, and one was for the luncheon after the baptism of our grandson, today.

When I got redressed I put my shirt on backwards and inside out. Phil didn't bother to tell me. He likes to play around with my ego. I wore it that way all night. Luckily no one came to our house. How would I have felt, not only being a slob but showing the size of my shirt too, right there for anyone to read?!

Making a cookie sheet full of buttermilk pie is tricky because you blend everything in the blender and let me tell you, it is FULL. I had the first cookie sheet, full of unbaked goo in the oven when I found the melted butter--that was supposed to be in the goo--still in the a pan on the stove. So, I opened the oven and dumped the goo into a bowl, spilling a whole lot of it on the stove door and even on the floor. I added the butter, stirred like crazy and poured it back into the pan.

I guess it worked okay but really. How Einsteinish can you get in one night? My journal entry will read: "Slob, showing shirt size--which is a whole lot of sizes bigger than she wants it to be--dumps pie filling on floor. Floor needed mopping--no one used straw to slurp up goo. Even though some slobby inside-our-shirt wearing person wanted to."
Recipe here.


Shan said...

At that point I probably would have just gone back to bed. Not too many embarassing things happen when you're asleep.

Annette said...

Oh Lynne, there must be something in the air that is causing all these calamities in the kitchen! I'm sure it has nothing to do with the state of our minds! And, the buttermilk pie was delicious. I brought a piece home and the one bite Gary got, he loved, too.

Muum said...

at our house, we just say, 'Self-esteem day is TOMORROW, not today!' Some days stuff just doesn't go well.

Cheryl said...

Lynne...It looks great and I bet everyone loved it....I was so sad to see Beth had passed away. Such good memories in that neighborhood when all those good people were still there. Davis', Hortin's, Balmforth's, Warner's, Norton's and the list goes on. Turning the clock back would be fun some times...And the shirt things is normal some days! The one good thing is with most of our eyesight we probably couldn't even read the tag!!! Love you!

hillary said...

I wouldn't slurp up anything off that floor. (not that you don't mop.)

Don't go back to bed, you can do lots of embarassing things while you're asleep. Expecially if you (meaning MAX) eat all the rest of the bean salsa. Good thing I don't like that stuff.

Supercool Hotmama said...

I couldn't concentrate on one word after Buttermilk Pie. Thank goodness you posted the recipe. I'll have to come back and really read this post after I have made me some Buttermilk Pie.