Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Before I get to today's blog I want to remind you about Summer Pasta. It was cold today--I think summer is over--and I finally decided to have Summer Pasta. It is divine. Why haven't I served it ten times already? If you haven't tried it you might want to before the basil is frozen. (I hope our basil won't freeze tonight, but it might.) Recipe here.I love it when my friends take care of me. Take today, for instance.

Several weeks ago Annette posted--on her blog--some info. about a class she was taking. I was interested. Yesterday she brought a handout from the class and put it in my door. I wasn't home so she called me and told me the class was today. It's being taught by Life Coach, Stace Christianson.

I went. The class is being taught at the home of a woman I admire no end. I'll give you an example of why: One day, without her permission, I used her as an example in a church class I was teaching. When I was leaving the church house I ran into Elizabeth and said, "I used you as an example in my class today." You know what I would have done? I would have wanted to know what was being said about me. You know what she said? "Lynne, you can use me as an example any time you want." And that was it. No panic. No wondering. No worrying. Just permission.

The class at Elizabeth's house was exactly what I needed today. I may blog about it on my Starlight blog but every time I say that I run out of time and don't do it. But I might.

Tonight I was reading some of the notes from the class to
Pam. I was telling her that when other people start accusing you, calling you names (such as "you're crazy"), telling you how you are (in a negative way), that we can take all those labels and just hand them back to the people who said them to us, because that is what they think of themselves.

Pam said that because I usually think the best of people that speaks well of me. Wasn't that kind of her? Of course I immediately thought of the one person I can't handle--don't go to see her--even though she is needy and has had surgery after surgery--because I can't handle all the negative talk. So, I don't think the best of everyone and maybe I'll change my mind as I don't want to be what I think of her: which just might be negative and crabby, and I don't want to have surgery, either.

So, today three friends. Annette, Elizabeth who opens up her home for these classes and willingly let me come, and Pam. Thank you, my friends.

And then, as we walked out to, Dianne told me something one of her kids did that made me laugh and made me feel better about my child's choices. She put things into perspective for me. We're all in this together, aren't we, this interesting life?

I'm glad I have wonderful friends to go through it together with.

Here is Stace's blog, which she has neglected, she admits, but I think she is going to blog more often. She is a fantastically insightful woman with so much to teach the world. I hope you will learn wonderful things from her too.

PS Remember that old saying, "What you say is what you are?" I'm going to be more careful with my opinions.


Lorraine said...

Oh Lynne, that look ssoooooooo delish, that you're surrounded by such wonderful women says everything about you. Some people are sensitive to psychic vibrations, and it makes it very hard to be around negative people, if you force it then you end up making yourself sick, you can't do that :)

Shan said...

Here's what I think about all of that: You are blessed with those people in your life because you are that person to others. I doubt you know the joy and blessing you are to others. People like you tend to attract fabulous people, I think. It's got to be true because I love your guts and it doesn't get a whole lot more fabulous than me! :)

Jessica said...

First of all, I have that summer pasta regularly. It is yum. However, mine isn't as pretty as yours for some reason.

I have been blessed by wonderful friends, too. I, too, will blog about it, but not until I can do it without bawling all over my keyboard and shorting it out. I'm a bawler theses days. It's the hormones. Friends like ours are tender mercies, no?

Also, on a side note, I had to correct my blog. I was wrong. The blanket thing was a six month project, not a year. Even more amazing, huh?

Mental P Mama said...

You attract what you are! The fact that you have such amazing friends does not surprise me!

Donald Duck said...

Annette was taking a class taking on her blog. How does she do that?

Karen Deborah said...

yum well cooking beat cleaning the closets.

Did you ever read that awful book I sent you? I just wondered if you thought it was awful too.

One of these days I'll have to send you something nice.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Jessica, that all those quilts were made in six months is amazing.

Karen Deborah, I read most of that awful book, yet. It was well written but it haunts me. I think of it all the time. Thanks for sending it. I'm sure it will come in handy if I'm ever flooded, if I ever know any orphans or if I ever decide to be homeless with an older CRAZY relative. Oh my.

Shawn said...

This was a great post----I have so much respect for you because you are such a positive person----I like to think that I am like that too! I really do try not to judge people----we can not walk in their shoes, so we don't know why they are like they are....

But, you, my dear----are DIVINE!!

Annette said...

You posted that pasta at the perfect time for me. I have a basket of last of the season tomatoes that I didn't know what to do with. Thank you. And thank you for being you!