Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I found a bunch of my old clothes in the spare bedroom, which used to be Hillary's room, which "poof," almost overnight turned into a junk room--when she got married and moved away, years and years ago--and now it's time to clean it out. And guess what? Some of those clothes even fit--they used to be too tight. How did that happen, I wonder. So I hung them in my closet and now my closet is stuffed and I need to clean it out and I don't want to but if I don't I won't be able to find the new/old clothes and if--by some miracle--I do find them they will be wrinkled and I'll have to iron them and I hate to iron and so what's the use of finding them in the first place? I think I have a self defeating behavior. Besides run-on sentences with no punctuation.

The closet. Can you see how close the hangers are? Those clothes are positively gasping for air. The hangers on the far right are Phil's. See how nicely they are spaced?

I have 27 black items. How am I ever going to wear 27 black items?
I have 17 white shirts. Who in their right mind has 17 white shirts?

And there, on the far, far left are the darling clothes I bought when I only had a few pounds left to loose--okay, twenty. That was about a million years ago and I still have the clothes. They still have tags on. Will I ever get back to that impossible weight? sigh They are still darling. Still stylish. Still too skinny.

This is level two. The every-day-knock-about clothes. They are stuffed just as tight. Oh my.I don't even dare count the shoes.

And some of the clothes are in the dirty clothes or in the to-go-to-the-dry-cleaners stack. Where will they go when they are clean?

I should have left Hillary's old bedroom/the junk room alone.


Marsha said...

we have one of those rooms I've been wanting to tackle as well. I dread the thought.

I've also been thinking about tackling the closet. I think now, before Christmas, is a good time to donate clothes to whatever local place you do so. Not only is it a charitable tax contribution, but it gives folks something different, some even new, for the season.

That might be an idea for you.

Shan said...

Mostly, I'm disturbed to think that you hang your close according to color. Apparently, many people do that, only I guess I'm too lazy because I do good to get them hung up and crammed in there at all.

Lorraine said...

Gosh I relate, but I don't have your patience, and nothing fits me, and I'd look funny wearing my son's clothes ;) lol

Michael Rawluk said...

I think you should put them back into Hillary's old room. A walk-in closet.

Astromom said...

It's hard because as women we fluctuate sizes so much, so we just have to have more clothes, but it is always nice to find old clothes you thought you didn't fit into. Maybe half the black and white, you look good in everything.

Karen Deborah said...

Ok you asked. Get rid of the clothes that are too small. You will breathe a sigh of relief. Pick a number to limit yourself, like 7 because their are only 7 days in a week; and then the rest have to go. 7 of anything in any color is enough. That will make you look with a harder eye, does it fit? Is it your favorite? when's the last time I actually wore this? And then chuck and chuck and chuck. When you are finished you will love yourself.

Then you can have a big garage sale and sell all the stuff your talking about, the clothes and books and what all else is laying around cluttering and you will be satisfied. you will feel good. You will have relief.

It is an awesome experience to let things go.

Whats a run on sentence? What's punctuation? Do you know how to spell too?

hillary said...

Maybe some of those "too small" clothes would fit me, Hillary, the person who's room you took over the minute I got married. I thought you didn't want me to leave and get married, but you empty out my room asap? Actions speak louder LADY.

Then again, maybe the too small clothes would be too small for me too. OH the Horror.

I'm going to go cry on my huge pilla.

PS I think that Karen Deborah lady and I would get along. She sounds dreamy.

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

oh, see what happens when you open a can of worms.... I mean, closet doors?? LOL. Moving has given me plenty of reasons to purge. That, and I wera scrubs to work, so my decent clothes have been dwindling for awhile.

Colette Amelia said...

What no clothes on the floor...or on the hamper, or crumpled or folded on the dresser? You got no problems...and think of those skinny clothes as an investment...just as good as any shares in Bear Stearns!