Monday, September 14, 2009


Last week we had friends spend an hour and a half on the lawn swings. They told us the most incredible story. One of their friends has a daughter with serious mental problems. She is now institutionalized, getting help and is so much better but in her "interesting" days she was, well...interesting.

Once she worked for a furniture store. One night, at closing time, she asked the owner if she could have a key as she wanted to come in early and do some rearranging. He foolishly gave her a key. What he didn't know is she never went home. She spent the entire night at the store, rearranging things. Here's what he found when he got to the store in the morning.

All the rectangle things were grouped in one part of the store. The coffee tables, pictures, mattresses--she had actually stacked them so high no one knows how she did it. Everything that was a rectangle was grouped together.

Round things were also grouped together. Mirrors, bowls, round ottomans, lamps, anything round was grouped in another part of the store.

This went on with every possible variation. Square things included washers and dryers. How that woman moved all this stuff is a mystery.

She was so pleased with herself. If people needed a couch they could simply go to the rectangle section. She thought this made perfect sense.

The owner of the store stood with his mouth open.

She probably tried to move him into the round section.


Shan said...

Wow! That's funny. I'd laugh a lot harder, but you'll have to remind me to tell you some of my mental ward stories sometime. Unless I already did. Remembering isn't always something I do with a whole lot of accuracy.

Michael Rawluk said...

That would make an interesting movie.

Lorraine said...

Making good use of the space, way to go girl, I'm with Michael on this one!!!Gosh that is too good, thanks for sharing!

Annette said...

Makes sense to me. She could probably have mad salesman of the year if they'd kept it that way!

Mental P Mama said...

Yowza. "Interesting" sums it up beautifully. And, sadly, I would promptly be placed into the round area as well.

hillary said...

I'm not sure about that story. I think I know that lady.

that'll beall.

Marsha said...

I suspect she should have been placed in office organization or on deliveries.

Karen Deborah said...

Hum I bet she is "a very good driver".

Supercool Hotmama said...

Hysterical! I can picture some of my students doing that!