Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Guess who forgot her anniversary today? Yes, I did. Phil remembered. Hillary remembered. Thanks, Hillary, for the nice post about us.

I didn't even get Phil a card. Wait. I think there are some candy bars in the basement. I'll be right back.

Success! But there used to be four. I wonder what happened to the other two?!

Symphony are his favorite. "Happy Anniversary, honey," I said.

He laughed and gave me a kiss. We are going to celebrate tomorrow.I have to admit Phil is my favorite husband. Oh, wait. He's my only husband. Happy Anniversary to my only husband who is never an "only" anything.

Forty-three years ago we were married in the Oakland, California temple

Oakland Temple--painting by Al Rounds

Tonight we were headed for Carmel, California. A magical honeymoon, even though it did start out in decrepit Hotel San Carlos with the bell boy who wanted to stay for a nice l-o-n-g homey chat. A story for another day.

All these photos of Carmel I took off the Internet. I have tons of them somewhere as we took the kids back a few times but who knows where they are. (I know where the kids are, just not the photos.)

The houses are unique. Really beautiful. And really expensive. One this size now sells for almost two million.

The hotels are as beautiful as the houses. Once we stayed in a very old hotel right in the heart of Carmel. It was built "shot gun" style and the floors were slopping and the flooring was old linoleum. We started a marble in one room and it rolled through doorways and through three rooms. I wonder if the kids remember that hotel or if they were too little.The quaint shops sell everything imaginable inside.
The ocean views are lovely.
Carmel, for us, will always hold special memories. 43 years together. Where did the time go?


Cindy said...

Congratulations on your anniversary. Have a wonderful trip! I love the painting of the Oakland temple!! That's the temple our family was sealed in 30 ago!!

Lorraine said...

Oh Lynne this is so so beautiful, what a lovely sharingf you offer here, I hope you and Phil have a wonderful anniversary xx

Pam's Place said...

Happy anniversary to you and Phil. A day late. But since you're celebrating today, maybe it's ok to be a day late?

Monterey is the picture perfect spot for a honeymoon. Happy memories, I'm sure, even with a thoughtless bell boy.

Annette said...

Chocolate, thermacare, pain reliever -- they all fix that which ails us! Love the visual of them. Happy late anniversary! My brother lives in the Oakland/Piedmont area, so I've been to the Oakland Temple many times and also to Carmel. They truly are beautiful. What wonderful memories.

hillary said...

I already said "happy anniversary"

I want to be in Carmel, right this minute, with you. Maybe I could be a bell boy and linger too long. No, I don't want to do that, I want to play.

I don't remember the marble, I only remember the too nice condo with wine in the fridge. I freaked out.

Jessica said...

I must go to Carmel now, too. I never knew how wonderful it is. Wow.

And happy anniversary, too! You are lovely souls.

Marsha said...

Happy Anniversary!

I love the house pictures you posted. They're absolutely awesome. It makes me want to go see them as well.

Mental P Mama said...

How wonderful! Happy Anniversary! I love how you store the candy right there with all the other "medicine" ;) And I LOVE Carmel! Have a fabulous trip!

Calusarus said...

Nice series about Carmel. A lovely city

Shan said...

I think those buildings in Caramel are just plain charming. I also highly recommend that when you go back there you take those almond and toffee Symphony bars with you and make smores with them. If you have a microwave in your room you could make them in your room and build a blanket fort (see Maddy and Ruby for instructions) and eat them underneath it. I'm having a delightful time just thinking of you under your blanket fort nibbling on smores.

Shawn said...

Oh, I love Carmel By The Sea----we actually stopped by there on our honey moon on our way to San Francisco! Congratulations!!!

And you look gorgeous in your picture---what a beautiful smile!!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!! Phil has great tastes in candy and wives :) ummmm wife :) lovely photos and so love the sunset!!!! have a wonderful time!
ps i am glad you are no longer in a hurting place... i think the writing of my story took some of the hurts away for me.

Terri said...

Congrats on your long and wonderful marriage Lynne, you have been married longer than we have. Loved the pictures and makes me
want to go there for some R&R.
Darling picture of the two of you.

Cheryl said...

Oh boy now you've done it....made me homesick. My life started out much the very same way...9-4-64. The Oakland Temple..Carmel By the Sea..the Lamplighter Inn on Ocean Ave to be exact...don't remember any bell boy..but I do remember how quaint and beautiful..well things are different now...But with family out there every visit I make we end up down there for a day or overnight...we should plan a girls trip down there sometime. Wouldn't that be a blast? Thanks Lynne for the memories...Happy Aniversary the way is that where the double mint started!!! hahahahah love you

Meg McGraw said...

Congrats to you both. What a beautiful entry. Carmel is a little peace of heaven. Your blogs make my day. Thanks.

Michael Rawluk said...

A little late but Happy Anniversary.