Sunday, September 27, 2009


Today I served in the nursery. Two hours! Two hours with seven charming VERY busy, eighteen month to three year olds. Seven! The other nursery leader is over seventy years old. May God prepare special blessings for her.

Almost my entire two hours were spent being buddies with a new nursery child, Margaret, who wanted her Momma and her Daddy. I went through so many Kleenex, wiping her little tears and her running nose that I lost track.
This is her mom's blog, which she neglects but there are photos of Margaret in her younger years. Well, she isn't even two years old so it would be her "younger year." This is a blog her mom co-authors. This is her dad's blog. They are kind of sassy but definitely fun.

Margaret looks like an angel. Her mother is one of the fashion guru's of the ward and little Margaret was dressed to take over that role. She has great big blue eyes and her hair was in little piggy-tales. But Margaret was heartbroken. Margaret wanted to be on the other side of the door. Every time someone came in the door she remembered and cried.

We played with play dough, Margaret and I. She tried to eat the play dough "ice cream cone" several times and then removed the goo, which I tried to get before she smashed it back into the "ice cream." I mostly failed. She threw the snakes I made for her so many times that the carpet color has changed from blueish to turquoise-snake color. She liked snack-time and after she drank her water she took the empty paper cup to the garbage. Of course she also threw the play dough and a spoon away. Her mother is the tidy guru and Margaret is practicing to take over the role.

My whole two hours was spent with Margaret, leaving the seventy-year-old saint to take care of bathroom duties--one child went commando for the second hour as we didn't have a new "pull-up." The seventy-year-old saint taught the lesson. She sang the songs. She said the prayers. She fixed snack. She did it all. Rewards, I tell you. She deserves rewards.

The crowning moment for me was when I was showing Margaret a story book. "Look at the frog," I said.

"Can you see the little boy's doggie?"

"What is that?" It was a cow.

"Daddy," Margaret said.

"No, not Daddy, look right there, what is that?" I pointed to the huge black and white cow. "

Daddy," she said.

Everything I pointed out she didn't know what it was until I pointed at Jesus. "Who is that?" I asked.

"Jesus," she said as if she has been seeing him every day of her life.

And then I wondered. Maybe she still remembers him. Maybe she still sees him.

Thank you, Margaret for being a fashion guru, for being tidy, for loving your Mom and Dad so much that you cried and cried. But mostly, Margaret, thank you for knowing who is the most important.

And a little child shall lead them.


Mental P Mama said...

What a sweet lesson....

Lorraine said...

Striking piece Lynne

Shan said...

I looked at that Margaret kid in her younger year and she is a beautiful child. I taught nursery for 3 years and it was no pleasure most days I tell you. What a good person you are for even volunteering to help.

Marsha said...

Margaret sounds absolutely adorable.

tearese said...

I've had a calling as a nursery leader as well,not bad, but not my favorite calling for sure!In every nursery I've been in, the leaders go get the parents to change the diapers, as its against the law for them to do it?

Jessica said...

I love that story. Because I love the tiny ones. Not that I love nursery. I don't. But I love the tiny people who know Jesus. And even when they are brand new they recognize Primary songs and Hymns. I swear it. You can see it in their itty-bitty precious faces.

Annette said...

Oh, you've got me laughing! I'll verify that what you say is true, as I saw you reading a book to Margaret (Who is so adorable) when I made a quick peek into the nursery -- and made a quick retreat out of the nursery. I'd say the nursery workers have earned their wings, and so have you.

tierneyzan said...

If I had to go through the first day of nursery all over again, I would want you for my grown-up buddy!

Muum said...

I always THink I'd do good in nursery, but then I remember my knees. Margaret sounds like a doll.

Lisa said...

Thank you for writing that about Margaret! You are such a wonderful writer! She is beautiful and not many people recognize how tidy she really is. . . She follows me around with a sponge, wiping things down (really!) You really took the time to get to know her--do you know how much that means to me!?

(and that was the first Sunday in I don't-remember-how-long that I sat through a Sunday School class! THANK YOU!!!)

topher clark said...

Later on that day when we were at home, I showed Margaret a picture of Jesus and asked who it was. She thought for a moment, and then said "Lynne."

Thank you for being patient with her!