Saturday, September 12, 2009


I have learned to crochet. Kind of. I have made my first hot pad but it seems I crochet so tight that my stitches--are they stitches?--are too close together and my hot pad is tiny. Just the size for removing one baked potato at a time from the oven. But, I tell you, that sucker is thick and hardy; no baked potato shall burneth my little hand. (The potato in this photo is small.)

I'm so proud. Now I shall attempt to make one big enough to remove a cake pan.

PS And it only took me hours and hours and hours. I've been working on it on and off since our mini class on Thursday. I'm nothing if not efficient. Our teacher, the wonderful Judy, says she can make one in an hour and a half. I choose to ignore those words.

PPS And aren't I so clever to buy yarn that already looks dirty? That way I won't know if I should feel guilty about my dirty hot pad or not. Not only an I efficient but my self esteem now soars because of my clever buying habits.


Lorraine said...

I have never seen such a lovely knit, once I tried for a scarf...'cause I was told that it was easy to start with and it looked like a scarf for about 5 rows, than ended in something like a skirt...Anyhoo, this is really nice. Well done, I hope my angel made it to you...Sometimes she gets interrupted by other messages, but she knows you're important, so she'll get there...(yes that kinda of angel is female because who else would know how tired a woman can get)

Oh and ps, whisper: I didn't mean for you to answer just me..shhhh

Michael Rawluk said...

I am awake at a horrible hour reading your blog. I hope you apreciate that.
My mother used to crochet. She made these amazing huge table cloths that were so delicate as to defy belief. It is just too much for my little brain to comprehend how it is done.

Muum said...

I tried knitting. Di-saster! at least you have something useful. good job!

Shawn said...

You are clever! I started knitting a scarf....ah....4...maybe 5....years ago? Yeah....its still not finished.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

cute when you wash it dont dry it it might shrink up the size of a thimble :) i cant knit or any other kind of skill like that so kudos to you!

hillary said...

You might be related to me. "Thick and hearty" Among other reasons.

I have no response to your hotpadness.