Friday, September 4, 2009


Okay, enough of the eulogy stuff. For one reason, Hillary can't handle all this talk and she's going to divorce me from being her Mom.

Today's post will just be a quote I found from John Cleese.
"Dying is often a cry for attention, did you know that?"

I don't want attention so this is the end.


Karen Deborah said...

you goofy gal. you aren't depressed are you? We love to pay attention to you.

Nickie said...

Clever a writer as you are, I have to agree -enough of the eulogy stuff. You are too sweet of a person to have to think about giving or hearing your eulogy.
By the way, I loved the post about hanging the sheets out to dry, it makes me want to do that with mine just to remind me of my grandma.
Love love love!!

hillary said...

Perhaps an annullment would be quicker than a divorse.

Muum said...

that quote sounds like a good thing to put on a tombstone, don't you think?