Monday, September 21, 2009


I'm confused.
I watched House tonight. What do you think? What?! You don't watch House? (mutter-mutter) He's the perfect protagonist to make you feel better. He does things for the wrong reason. He is usually successful but only at diagnoses--not at life or relationships, which we all know is the important aspects of this life. He has only one friend and he is a crappy friend back. Who couldn't feel good about themselves comparing?

Questions I need answered. Why did the woman come out of her catatonic state? Why did the Super-flying-man-with-the-eventual-broken-leg-and-ruptured-spleen know to give her the music box. How could red-haired-piano-playing-woman be away from her family to have an intimate moment with House? And yet she never told him she had a family? She probably realized he'd be the world's crappiest step-dad. And why did he get out of the mental institution in one episode? There was a good four to eight weeks worth of opportunity for a change of scene and new characters.

I think I'm bummed. I wanted weeks and weeks of mental institution. I wanted to live it vicariously--so in case I ever have to go, I can be prepared.

Now what am I going to do?


Laura ~Peach~ said...

me thinks you are reading much too deeply into this... and that we will see many more of the characters from maxwell house back... superman had some powers to come to the conclusion that the music box was key and who knows when or why someone comes out of a catatonic state... and miss adulter well... i have no words for her but, hugh laurie is HOT lol now that i have baffled you with bs please carry on with your day :)
i do have a question however....
nothing to do with house... but,
more so with as a parent do we figure out what the right punishment, course of action is for someone who is so self destructive who will lie cheat and steal to gain what they think they want and seemingly has no remorse for said actions.

Marsha said...

I'm not sure WHAT was up with that episode.

It seems to me that maybe they're trying to change the character of House, but I hope not as I rather enjoy his awful self. I think many of us relate to those fleeting moments of wanting to be as cynical, crappy, yet heroic as he is.

As to the music box thing...okay, I think while House was still rebelling on the mental health thing he was trying to find medical, scientific "fix" answers, right? Then his shrink convinced him that that wasn't the way it went with mental health, and House finally believed and started his own healing process.

But then his own assumptions, puzzles and "fix" things came back around when the music box cured what it shouldn't have...thereby leaving that bit hanging some.

Marsha said...

Oh, and House was supposed to be learning to "trust" humans, human nature, etc, as the doc was stating that was the crux of his anger issues.

That said, he had this intimate moment where he decided to care, cried even at having shared said moment, but then goes after her to find she has a family and is moving, this without having told him.

So, that takes House back to his cynical self and his lack of trust, doesn't it? He trusted as the good doc said, but where did that lead him? Of course, the good doc DID advise him that this might not be a positive course with this woman.

Shan said...

Mostly, I don't know all the answers to that House business either. I LOVED that episode, however. I'm glad that he was out of the institution in only one episode. Here's what I know...if you had ever spent any time in a real looney bin, you'd feel differently, I believe. Next time I come to your house, I'll tell you my stories from the crazies and then you can feel better about House getting out.

Michael Rawluk said...

I don't watch the show but he Hugh Laurie does a pretty good USian accent. Did you ever watch him in "Jeeves and Wooster" as Bertie Wooster? That is a must see series. 23 episodes made in the 90s.

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

I still have to watch it from the DVR, I didn't finish Heroes last night before I fell asleep... so I'm skipping your post and the comments.. la la la la ! I can't hear you!

Julie said...

I haven't seen the episode yet, it's on DVR for today, but I am totally with you - why not make at least three episodes - what great story fodder.....It would have been a nice change for the show that was getting a little tired with the same o same o - I liked the idea that House had hit the proverbial wall and was institutionalized...

Oh well, they didn't ask us and well, they should have! :)

Love your blog - thanks for sharing. xo Julie

Colette Amelia said...

Michael watches all the detective crime scene shows and I just either play spider solitaire or watch the odd one too.

I loved your pic of schultz he does the perfect confused look.

Did you know that yesterday was world alzheimer's day? I forgot! but I just read that drinking coffee is good for the brain so I had some this morning.

well I guess enough blathering got to go mix bread.

PS your post on your stake people at church was very moving, I love your enthusiam and dedication and belief in all things good.

hillary said...

I don't see what all you people like about that weird show. I just like not weird stuff like Drop Dead Diva. Which is about a girl who dies by running in to a truck filled with oranges, went to heaven, was ticked she was there, distracted her gardian angel, pushed the return button, and got plopped back into someone elses body. Not weird at all.

whirligigdaisy said...

I don't watch House, but I did see the promo for it and thought of you. I knew you'd be watching. I thought from the promo he'd been in the shrink ward all season. Is he out already? Hmmm. No wonder I don't watch.