Monday, September 28, 2009


Today I didn't get started in the kitchen until after 2:00. First I made whole wheat bread. Note to self: Let the bread rise as high as you want it because it 'aint gonna rise any more in the dang oven! My squatty loaves have the same amount of calories as normal loaves but you don't think so as you see your tiny little sandwich. sigh

Yes, the bread is two inches high!

Mrs. Bird came by and I sat on the lawn swings with her until the bread came out of the oven. Note to self: You were so smart to buy that portable timer that lets you know the squatty bread is ready to come out of the oven while you are sitting on the lawn swings with Mrs. Bird.

You should get one of these!

After she left I put the spaghetti sauce on to simmer and made the Magleby's rolls--also called Parmesan Rolls--that I love so much. While they were rising I made the lemon layer dessert that I love even more than the Magleby's rolls. I made a whole cookie sheet full because we were having Family Home Evening on the lawn swings. Note to self: That was such a good idea, having Family Home Evening on the lawn swings. Too bad winter is coming.

Roll recipe
here. Lemon Layer Dessert recipe here.

Then I made salad and salad dressing and boiled spaghetti noodles and had dinner to my neighbor only six minutes late. We came home and snarfed our dinner and then went outside to enjoy our neighbors. The lesson was on The Journey and rescuing others. (One of the stories was about the rescue of the Willie and Martin Handcart Company's when they were coming to the Salt Lake Valley.)

We all have journey's and have all been rescued at one time or another. I hope I can help other's through their hard times--their journeys.

By the time it got dark--and cold--we disbanded and then we took leftover dessert to four houses. Note to self: Do not leave any dessert at home or you will eat it all. You know how you are! (We do have two pieces left. Two for me, none for Phil. Just kidding. Kind of.)

Now, it's quiet and dark and I'm thinking of bed. And the Lemon Layer Dessert in the fridge. Note to self: You should have given it all away.

I hope your afternoon wasn't as frantic as mine. And that your bread rises and that you have self control. And that, if you need rescuing, that someone will be there to rescue you. And if you are able, I hope you will rescue someone else. A kind word. A phone call. Money in an envelope. Unconditional love. I hope you don't have to wade through ice cold water and carry someone on your back to safety, but if you did have to, I hope you would. I hope I would too.


Mrsupole said...

Sounds like a wonderful day and a really good dessert. If I ever came over I would be very thankful that you sent any home with me. But then again I probably do not need any either. But I surely would enjoy it.

Really glad you had a wonderful day. And glad that the bread came out great. Thank you for the receipes.

God bless.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

wish i was your neighbor :) but the recipie will have to do!
makes me wonder what i will be cooking today!

Marsha said...

My bread also never rises, so I end up simply buying bakery when I have the craving for some fresh bread. My mother though? Now she can make some light rolls.

Lorraine said...

You make bread, I bow before you ...

Annette said...

What a beautiful essay on service. I have a handout for you. If I bring it over can I sit in your lawn swings with you? They look so inviting.

Karen Deborah said...

Write me about how you make your bread maybe I can help. Bravo for cooking! I love spaghetti.

um and yes liverpate is very good and similar to liverpaste, leverpostej is Danish for liverpaste. But homemade is way better, I didn't even wait for it to set up.

hillary said...

alas, I don't make bread.

Are you books still in the living room? If so I'm coming over on Saturday to remove them. (with force if I have to)

I would eat all of that with you if only you didn't live in the madness.

PS how come you have family home evening now that all your children are grown and gone and hw come they wern't taught better to have FHE every week? Huh? I wanna know.

Michael Rawluk said...

You spend so much time cooking that is seems impossible that you have time for two pieces of desert.

Shan said...

I really want to know all about your homemade spaghetti sauce. I'm not in love with it in a jar from the store. Plus, my Laurie friend taught me the yummiest way to eat spaghetti, but I need good sauce for it. loveyoubye.

Shawn said...

Oh, your food sounds delish! And I have learned to ALWAYS give away leftover desserts, or the dessert mouse will eat them later! (namely me!)