Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Last night at Enrichment there were unsung heroes, so I'm singing their praises right now. That's me as a blond. And skinnier, w-a-y skinnier.

One's name is Heather and she had organized an art project for 50 women. There were huge long tables for us and hundreds of scrapbook papers, patterned tissue paper, pens, glue sticks, etc. for us to choose from. There was a little notebook for all of us and we could decorate it any way we wanted. I chose to just cover mine with tissue paper but most women got creative.
Heather served in the Relief Society Presidency as first counselor (I was second counselor) for almost four years. We worked side by side, having early morning presidency meetings (which Heather loved--she's a lark. I hated the hour of those meetings as I'm an owl. One morning as I was walking to the meeting--just across the street but was pitch dark, there was new snow on the ground and there was a sliver of a moon and one star next to it. I looked around and thought I could be in Siberia!) Heather helped with funerals, helped with Enrichment meetings, worried about the sisters and did service for them, taking food to people who were sick, etc. She was in charge of the music for Relief Society and all the RS teachers.

She has worked tirelessly for her husband and three kids while going back to school to get her Masters degree and she started and runs an art program for the Scera, in Orem--a huge project. I also worked with her in the Primary presidency for several years. Now she has been called to the Young Women's.

Heather is of Russian descent and I have always said she looks like a Russian Princess. What is the matter with me, not taking her photo last night and a photo of all her preparations?


Annette ran the cooking class. She made aprons for EVERYONE who, in any way, helped with her class. She whipped them up that afternoon! Amazing. Plus she made about a dozen treats for everyone to sample. Click here. She baked for days and froze her treats so she could have so many for people to sample. Her theme was "Bee's" ("Bee-gin your Day in a Bee-utiful Way") and everything reflected the theme, even the fabric of the aprons.

One woman said, "I want an apron." and Annette didn't miss a beat. "What kind of an apron would you like?" she said. And the woman told her. I know Annette will go shopping for fabric for an apron for this woman. Annette is generous. She is the Fairy Godmother who brought chocolate to me one late night. Chocolate candies and a chocolate apron, which is the only apron I wear anymore.

When our wards were combined Annette was the Relief Society President. She was soon made the Primary President, which means she is in charge of all the ward children from age 18 months--nursery age, up to the twelve year olds. who go to opening exercises and then class for the last two hours of church.

There is no way I could even begin to tell you how amazing this woman is. She is always taking delightful things to people. I have been on the receiving end more times than I can remember.

She is a do-er. President Kimball had a sign on his desk: "Do it!" Annette took it to heart and she does. it. all. I've never known anyone like her.

These are a couple of my heroes. Neither one of their church jobs is in Relief Society and yet they gave their all. And then some. How I love them.


Annette said...

Lynne,your generosity of spirit always amazes me. You have a GIFT for being able to look for and encourage good in people and not worry about the rest.

The phrase, "Those who give love, gather love," could have been written for you.

Lorraine said...

I love your post, and that sense of community you always bring to the fore, sometimes I wish I could..but I'm too much of a loner.
So I enjoy reading how much you give and others give back to you...kind of living a different life for a few moments, Bless you x

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

The apron is so cute... does she have quick and easy instructions for it?

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

I'll tell her to put instructions for the apron on her website.

Shawn said...

Such great people that you surround yourself with----but I would have included you in that admirable group----you too are an amazing woman!