Friday, October 24, 2008


The tree in the back yard is loosing its leaves.
Here's Poppa leaf, Momma and baby leaf and even Uncle Fester. He's the black leaf of the family.
The trees in the front yard are slower to give up their bounty, but bounty they do give. Ten thousand acorns.
Curly Sue and Tuesday came by for some popcorn, lunch and a spin or two--or ninety-five--up and down the sidewalk.
A neighbor, who blogs here and here and her funny husband blogs here, said, "Will you put me in your blog?" Of course, although I certainly should have gotten closer.

It was a lovely day. Hope your day was lovely too.


Tierney said...

What a lovely blog today! You make me miss fall in Utah less and more. Less by bringing it too me and more by making me want to be there. I want to go rap on that friendly front door and come in for a chat! And Uncle Fester... how silly.

These pictures of the girls are darling. Sooo cute on the tricycle. Can you please e-mail the pix to me so I can get them printed for my photo album?



Cindy said...

Love the tree family!! So,clever to add Uncle Fester!!

jj said...

what a lovely post here, love the leave family shot and words so cool
have a great weekend

Michael Rawluk said...

The momma, poppa, baby, and uncle Fester would make a great print for your wall.

Lisa said...

YEAH! I made the blog!~ So good to see you on such a lovely fall day!

Elaine- said...

Lynne, i just wanted to thank you for all the great comments on my blog, i laughed i cried lol the one about glaring at the cats and they don't seem to care... LOL!! I'm amazed at your blog here, so many pictures in one post, i have enuff trouble getting ONE in... love your family life theme, rockin' sister!

N7GMT said...

Yay for Uncle Fester!