Friday, October 17, 2008


Today, Gilmore Girl, Tuesday and I played. Gilmore Girl had a couple of quick errands to run. Tuesday and I didn't want to go so I stayed in the car with her and told her stories. Here's one:

There was once a little girl ladybug who was different. She had an orange body with blue spots.

She didn't go to preschool because she was afraid the other ladybug children would laugh at her. She didn't go out to play because she was afraid children would laugh at her. She wore a coat to church on Sunday, even in the summer, because she was afraid people would laugh at her.

Soon she was old enough for school and her mother said she had to go. The little ladybug with an orange body and blue spots said she was not going to go to school. She cried and threw a tantrum--several tantrums--and then she sulked.

The Friday before school started her mother got a whole stack of paper, two dozen markers and a pot of glitter. She worked late into the night. When she was finished she left the house and stapled the papers on trees. She stapled the papers on bulletin boards. She taped the papers on the windows of grocery stores and on the door to the school and outside the city hall. When she came home she kissed her little orange girl with the blue spots and went to bed.

On Monday morning the little girl threw a tantrum--several tantrums--and then she sulked but her mother would not change her mind. She ate a breakfast of aphids and put on her coat and said she was ready. Her mom made her take off her coat and said, "You don't need that. So what if you aren't like everyone else? Be brave and show others who you really are." And then she took her daughter's hand and they left for school.

The little ladybug kept her head down and so she didn't see the people on the street curtsy when she passed. When they got to school the Principal curtsied and welcomed her, calling her, "Your Princess-ness."

The little ladybug looked up. Her eyes showed the white all around--that is if ladybugs have white all around.

When they got to the classroom the teacher curtsied and said, "Welcome, your Majesty."

The children all stood up. The girls curtsied and the boys bowed at the waist--that is if ladybug children have waists.

The mother smiled and pushed the little ladybug a bit and then everyone crowded around the little ladybug with the orange body and the blue spots and said, "Will you be my friend?" And of course she would.

When the momma ladybug left the school she took the paper off the door of the school and off trees, grocery stores, and the city hall. She stuffed them in the garbage can and put the lid on top. One paper fluttered to the ground. It said:

"Of Royal Birth." There was a glittery picture of a king and queen ladybug with orange bodies and blue spots.

The paper said, "Everyone is of Royal Birth. Some are more easily recognized than others."

And so it is true. All the ladybugs, men and women ladybugs, children ladybugs and baby ladybugs were or royal birth, just like you are, Tuesday. You are of Royal Birth because of your Father in Heaven. Everyone born on earth is of royal birth. They may look different but they are all Heavenly Father's children and should know how wonderful they really are.

Then I heard a little voice from the back seat that said, "That's good, Grandma."

And she's right. It is.


Tierney said...

Oh, I love, love, love it! I checked your blog for a pick-me-up before bed, and I was not disappointed. Thank you for the wonderful story. What a lucky little Tuesday to have a grandma with such great stories!



Colette Amelia said...

my oh my Queen Lynne I salute you...and curtsy too!

hillary smith said...

My kids are the luckiest kids in all the land to have such a grand grandma. Plus so am I for having the best Mom ever. Not just because she bums around with me and stays in the car while I go to drywall stores (I am an awsome wife) and errands like that. Oh my Mom is great. yfc

Pam's Place said...

Lynne, this one must be published. Do it!

tearese said...

there you go, you have your childrens book.