Saturday, October 18, 2008


All of these photos were taken by people and submitted to in the hopes of winning the monthly contest and then being in the annual KSL Calendar. Some are from this year and some from previous years. They show the beauty of Utah in the fall.
Big Cottonwood Canyon near Doughnut Falls, Photo by Shaun Hammer
Photo by Marilyn Matthews
Twin Ponds-Gooseberry-Fishlake National Forest 908 - Photo Submitted by Kreig Rasmussen
Bridal Veil Falls, by Jaynann Wendt
Photo by Pamela Stubbs
Willow Creek, Big Cottonwood Canyon photo by Darren Balls.


TeamGornold said...

these photos make me want to go hiking to see all of the pretty stuff.
you are great. hope you are having a wonderful day. next time we are with each other we will go out for food and not complain a darn bit!

Tierney said...

Oh, these pictures make me cry for home, but in a good way! They are so beautiful! I especially love the one with the bright red trees, and I so miss the Aspens. Today I wanted to pick up a reddish leaf and present it to Astrid in her stroller, but I was worried that it would have yucky L.A. germs on it. I should have done it anyway. Thank you for posting these beauties.


tearese said...

oh those are beautiful! I wish I had taken such pictures! I don't do too well on the scenery angle.