Monday, October 27, 2008


I got an email today from Terri Weidman a totally crazy friend and the subject of the email said "International Disturbed People's Day." Why she thought I would be interested in such an email is beyond my comprehension. So I started plotting revenge thinking about it and decided she just wanted me to get a tiny peek into an alien world that I have no regular contact with. So I put the crazy glue and the chicken pluckers and the electric hand buzzers thoughts of tricking my crazy friend on the back burner and got back to serious business of looking for new educational movies on my queue at Netflix.

I clicked on a movie called "
Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother" and added it to my queue--the description said things like "...a new level of absurdity"--which I can't even spell, and "literary farce." which sounds pretty much like an oxymoron to me. And since Gene Wilder and Marty Feldman are in it how I could go wrong? I mean, it's no "Gone With the Wind," but the title of that movie raises suspicion on several levels.

Then I see, since I ordered that movie, which Phil will shake his head in dismay watch with lively interest, Netflix recommends several others. Among them is "
Twelve Chairs." Now the sound of chairs, and twelve of them, perks me right up.

Phil does not perk up at the word "chairs," having had that encounter with the disobedient wife great bargain hunting wife and her
chair purchases. In fact, last week he kept asking, "Can I get rid of the four ugly black chairs in the garage yet?" And, if Kraut and The Soap Queen keep having kids I think we will need the four darling black chairs for family dinners, so I himmed and hawed and said, "Look, a flying saucer," to which he said something about if he knew then what he knows now he would be living in a different state, with a normal woman and an empty garage. He really didn't say that but we've lived together such a long time I can read the thoughts he doesn't have.

I see by reading the blurb about "The Twelve Chairs" that there were jewels hidden in one of them and so you never know, I could be providing a wild and irresponsible nice retirement for the two of us. Besides that. it is directed by Mel Brooks and has Dom DeLouise, two giants of serious movie productions.

Dom once wrote a cookbook called, EAT THIS, IT'LL MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER. I'll bet there are great recipes for cake in there. Now if that won't cure disturbed people, I don't know what will. I should buy a copy for my disturbed friend, Terri my friend for Christmas.

Then, because I might be interested in the "Twelve Chairs" Netflix suggested I might also be interested in "Vincent and Theo," which is the story of Vincent Van Gogh. The final line in the description is, "Vincent's disturbed mental state worsens, and both brothers sink into despair."

Now I ask you, do I seem like a person who wants to watch two brother's sink into despair? If you answered, "yes," then give me your email address and I will forward you an email with the subject "International Disturbed People's Day." It will be helpful to you, I'm sure of it.

And if it's not enough, come on over, we'll pull up a couple of chairs and have a good visit and it will be fun. We'll invite Terri and a couple of other mentally disturbed friends and I'll make cake. It will be Dom's recipe. You'll love it.

PS. Here are the darling black chairs that my equally darling husband is trying to get me to give away.
And these are Mom and Dad's chairs from their chrome kitchen set that is now practically an antique.
And these are the "Chair Fairy" chairs.
And just in case you think I have totally stupid things in the garage well, lookit here. A drawer full of onions and a bike I haven't ridden since 1974--when I was a four-year-old.
And just in case you think all I do are stupid things, like rescue chairs, these are some of the domestic kitchen things I did last week. Of course there is no room for them in the basement because, guess what? I have 12 dining room chairs down there but no table to go with it and no dining room, either.

And yes, Phil is a saint. And I love him.


whirligigdaisy said...

Oh Lynne. I love the darling black chairs!!! You simply must keep them. Or sell them to me. :)

Poor Phil. He must have something he won't get rid of that you wish he would. I want to hear about that.

And I need to send you a photo of my writing table. It's darling, too. I'm going to write, write, write just because I have it.

Michael Rawluk said...

You can load a shopping cart with chairs and push it around town.

"Hey, there goes the crazy chair lady."

Shawn said...

Hey there!

I have actually seen all of those films that you mentioned...can we say a movie addict? Yes!

Anywho---I love chairs also, and I personally would change out your chairs with the seasons---black ones for winter, tourquoise ones for spring and the yellow ones for the summer----so festive!

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Ah Ha!! I am sitting on one of those similar vinyl yellow chairs at this very moment! Except mine is in MUCH worse shape... missing the knobby things on the legs, and there are very worn spots... you wouldn't want to rescue it, however!

Have a lovely afternoon with all your efforts!

tearese said...

We could use some chairs...we only have four and can never invite people over for dinner. I'd like the black ones please.

N7GMT said...

Ida and Emelia had shoes; you have chairs. A nutty friends. And fine taste is <ahem> movies of questionable repute. (Don't say I didn't warn you about Sherlock's Holmse's Smarter Brother.) I'll bet you would even (not) like Joe vs. The Volcano or maybe Joe's Apartment, but I'll bet you've never seen Dracula's Dog but maybe the ever popular Ishtar?

Oh well. At least you got Men in Tights out of your system. Maybe you could wash it down with SpaceBalls or Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

Remember, "I plead the fifth." is almost as good as "Don't ask; don't tell."