Wednesday, October 15, 2008


"You Make Me Vroom," nail polish. What is it with fingernail polish, anyway? You use one third of the bottle and it becomes so thick that it's unusable. I asked Gilmore Girl for the solution. She's my "all-things-girlie-guru."

"Mix some fingernail polish remover in the polish to thin it," she said.

Now I ask you, does this make sense? Polish and polish remover. Opposites, right? Polish to coat the nail. Remover to take the polish off.


Left: Nail polish before adding polish remover--thick and clumpy. Right: After adding polish remover--thinner, easier to use.

PS And my polish isn't even called polish. It's called "Nail Lacquer." I wouldn't mind being polished, but lacquered? I'm not sure. Then again, I don't particularly want to be removed either. It's a puzzle.

And these are the weighty things on my mind. Yes, I know it was the Presidential Debate tonight. I watched it, while fiddling with my fingernail polish. It seems the candidates are so concerned with being polished themselves that they forget about the remover. Perhaps the remover will be in the American hearts. I wonder what it would be like to send the whole lot of them to an empty island in the great blue ocean, dump about a thousand random people there, and let the candidates figure out how to run things, starting with nothing? I'd like to see the island economy in about a year or so.


Shawn said...

You know what I hate? How you spend so much time to DO your nails and the next day---it is already chipped at the ends!! AARRGGHHH!

Do you have any suggestions for that problem?

BTW--I have been out of town and swamped with life, so I haven't been blogging in more than a week! :)

Anonymous said...

Lynne, I LOVE your solution to the political/economic issue. Try it out on an island and see how it works out. Let's send 'em!!


Michael Rawluk said...

Maybe the island will be large enough to include a few other leaders. Our P.M. Stephen Harper, for one.

Colette Amelia said...

Oh my! I spent how many hours studying politics to get a fancy dancy piece of paper and why? I just needed to read your blog! You are a genius at everything!