Friday, October 10, 2008


Today I went to my critique group. We are down to two members, Best Seller and me.

Best Seller writes beautifully. Her stories are fresh and edgy--just what publishers keep saying they want--"Give us 'fresh' stuff, 'edgy' stuff," they say. Her stories are so interesting that when you are reading them and you come to the end you say, "No!" You want more.

I have been stuck. We talked today for at least an hour about my book and when we were finished I had a whole page of ideas. Good ones. Fresh ideas with great details. Her mind works like a metal detector, burring over the subject and pulling out all the ideas and details that are interesting and valuable.

If you want to see what a great writer she really is go here. Scroll down to read My Father's Wallet, it is one of my favorite beautifully written stories. My very favorite story is about her mother. It was the winning essay in a contest. As soon as it has been published she will post it on her blog. Honestly, it is one of the finest pieces I have ever read. When she read it to our critique group we were speechless. That was the day that I knew she would be a best seller.

So, today I am grateful for my friend. My marvelous friend who saved my book from being chucked in the garbage. She is my treasured friend, and not because she helped me with my book. Just because she is. She is a valuable human being and I am so lucky to have her in my life.

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