Friday, October 31, 2008


Trick or treat, Smell my feet,*

"No, smell MY feet!"

Someone forgot to tell Roger Federer that he should have
left his SKELETON feet at home and put on his real feet. Oh my.
"Roger, get those scary feet out of here or at least put on some shoes. Is this who I've been playing against? Skeletor? I'm gonna hurl. Projectile hurl. It's gonna be ugly. but not as dang ugly as those feet."
Give me something good to eat.

So, Trick or Treators don't want pickled beets and pickled onions but that's what I made this afternoon which morphed into the evening which meant Phil answered the door forty-'leven times.

He was so cute with all the kids and even the big kids. He never once said, "Aren't you a little old to be Trick or Treating?" to the junior high kids and even the high school and--ahem--college kids. He commented on their costumes and always wished them a Happy Halloween. He's such a nice guy, my Phil.

Hope your Halloween was great.

Don't tell anyone but I miss my little kids. They were so excited that they changed their minds about what they were going "to be" about ten time before Halloween actually got here. When they got home after the great treating-hunting-gathering-fest they spilled all the candy on the floor and sorted it by types and kinds. And they always complained that one family gave pencils. Honestly, they had so much candy that they couldn't even eat it all and they complained about one stinkin' pencil.

But, perhaps they aren't so different from their mom who remembers one family in Annabella who always said, "What? It's Halloween? Lloyd!"--names changed to protect the cheap--"Lloyd, did you know it's Halloween? See if you can find something for these here kids." Which meant we were going to get a wrinkly apple. Now, I tell you, every year we'd get a wrinkly apple. I guess each time some kid knocked on the door she'd yell, "Lloyd, did you know it's Halloween?" because we weren't the first ones there.

If they were still alive I'd take them a pencil.

* Those are not my feet. I "stole" that photo off someone else's blog. I found worse photos, disgusting photos of feet but I was nice to the world and didn't post them. I didn't want more projectile hurling. Honest, they were a-word-worse-than-ugly, whatever that would be. Bad. You should thank me for not posting them. Seriously. Thank me.


Tierney said...

Are those YOUR feet Lynne? They are darling Halloween feet. And I think beets are not good, but they are very, very pretty. When I come visit can I see your pantry? I know it is just lovely!



Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

The pantry is not lovely but the basement is a treasure trove. I love it down there. It's my Precious.

Cindy said...

I hope the duck tape came off the toes ok.

JJ said...

Sounds like Phil was a nice guy, not sure I would have the patience,
if you have too many pickled onions send some over this way, I love them

Karen Deborah said...

stinkin cute post!!!!!
I want some beets I love beets, home made home jarred pickled beets are scrumptious. Yesterday I ate way toooooo much candy. I say hat's off to your Phil, the big kids are STILL KIDS and need fun too. You think the little kids get to eat all their candy?

Laura ~Peach~ said...

Martha and I would accept pickled beets for anything and then probably fight over who eat more of them... YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

hillary smith said...

Those pigs need a pedicure. I hope it was for their costume.

How come Dad gets to use his very own name but we all have strange names? That's not fair even a little. tootles.

Aprilyn said...

Those feet are digusting.
I love the story of the wrinkled apple for Halloween though. My kids made out like bandits which of course means, I get fatter. Do I really need Halloween??

Astromom said...

I remember one year my husband and I were college students and we're expecting any kids but we had kids, single college students at our house. We gave out spagetti, soup, and hot coco packs.