Saturday, October 25, 2008


Tuesday had lovely polka dot shoes on yesterday.

So did Curly Sue. She is my "story hound" granddaughter--always "hounding" me for a story so I started one about two girls. One girl was called "Miss Socks"--that would be Tuesday, as she has socks with her black-and-white polka-dot shoes...
...and the other girl was called "Miss Toes," as Curly Sue's black-and-white polka-dot shoes showed, well, toes.

We got one chapter done and now I am thinking about chapter two.

While I was thinking I sat on the step with Gilmore Girl. She had her toe "cranked" by Dr. Cranky, who filled her pain prescription out WRONG so she couldn't get any pain meds today for her poor hurting tootsies. And of course, Dr. Cranky with the incompetent prescription-filling-out-skills, was NOT in the office today.

He did some surgery on her several months ago and her big piglet still wouldn't bend so he had her come into the office yesterday, he poked her a hundred times trying to find a vein--never did--and then deadened her toe--somewhat--and then bent it, using his elephant weight until she heard things pop and tear inside. Oh, it was not pleasant. He had her bring "heels" so her toe would stay bent. Here are her piggies, being brave.And here are "Miss Socks" and "Miss Toes" being protected by their Grandpa's feet. And, since this is a foot show-and-tell, here are my clodhoppers. I guess I can hop clods. Not that I want to, mind you, but if the opportunity ever comes along and there are clods available, I'm prepared.

And as for Gilmore Girl, with the cranked toe, she was not feeling so chipper last night and was having a bit of a pity party, all alone, up late and so we talked via email and I said, "there, there," but I'm not sure that was enough. She needed me to come down and read her a story and run her a hot bath, just like I used to do when she was little and in need of comfort.

How I wish I could have. And I would have made sure she wore her shoes to bed, too. Just in case. That's what mother's do, all kinds of stuff, "Just in case."

So, Dear Gilmore Girl, I hope you make it though the week-end and then we will beat up on Dr. Cranky, with the incompetent prescription-filling-out-skills, on Monday. I might even hop a clod for him, just in case he thinks I'm a wuss don't mean business.

PS Tell Miss Toes that Chapter two is almost ready.


hillary smith said...

Oh these poor people, they have to here about my bum toe-ness from both of us. Thanks for taking care of my and my chillin's. You are the best Mom a girl could ask for. You truly are. I'm being true.

tearese said...

Ow that looks uncomfortable. I don't even own high heels (never have) so I don't know what they would've done with me if it way my foot.