Sunday, October 12, 2008


This morning I woke up to snow. Not a lot, but enough.

At church today one of our most faithful lawn swing visiting neighbors said, "What will we do now?" I don't know. I enjoy the friendships the lawn swings facilitate and the winter months find me lonely.
This hanging basket is just coming into its glory. In the last two weeks it was breathtaking and today it is wilting. In the morning it will be a limp bunch of faded blooms. I hate to see this one go as I planted it from scratch and I have loved watching it grow.
The basil and geraniums are frosty.
And my inpatients...they will be gone by morning.
But, I brought the hanging geranium baskets in. Pika, who follows me like a guard dog, came to admire herself in the mirror.
I hoping to take the geranium baskets to the dark basement and leave them, without light or water until February. That is if I can persuade Phil that they are worth saving. And if I can persuade him that we have room in the basement--the basement that I have STUFFED with "things." I only paid 79 cents for each geranium and there are about eight plants in each basket.

Then I went downstairs to the family room, Pika, my faithful guard dog, came down, too. And Minkey, the lazy, heat-loving Burmese cat had never moved and still hasn't moved. As long as the fire is on he will stay right there. Which, as I think about it, isn't a bad idea.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

wow SNOW!
love your guard dog/ urmmmm cat shes cute :)

tearese said...

We got a blizzard yesterday morning, and steady snow all Sunday morning, but still nothing on the ground. Thats okay by me!

Cindy said...

Did, I miss autumn?? I thought October wasn't even half over?? Weird!

Aprilyn said...

I was just starting to enjoy the beginning of Autumn. I'm not ready for snow yet but it's not like I have a choice! Utah weather definitely keeps you hopping.