Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Yesterday,Pam and I ran to the Creamery on 9th to pick up a bottle of ranch dressing--made by the BYU Creamery--the BEST ranch dressing I have ever tasted. Well worth the drive, unless you're in California or Outer Mongolia, like Gilmore Girl.

While we were there we found this wee lad, abandoned in the pumpkin patch. A very sad lad.
Because he had been replaced in his mother's heart by this orange fellow. Of course that isn't true. She had forgotten her camera and I told her I would post these on my blog but I doubt she remembers my blog name of it so if you recognize them let her know so she can pick up her photos.Then we dashed to J-Dawg for our weekly fix. While there we saw these wasp traps but no wasps are inside. Bees! Bees? Why?Because the bees have found the Mountain Dew and the Pepsi. They seem to prefer the Mountain Dew best. How perplexing for J and his Dawgs. Today, I went on a clandestine drug buy. We cruised by this car. Gilmore Girl rolled down the window and said, "Are you Wendy?" or maybe it was "Kathy." I've blocked it out of my mind. No, it wasn't Wendy-Kathy, it was someone else, waiting for a different clandestine encounter. When Wendy-Kathy DID show up she and Gilmore Girl exchanged merchandise--right out of the trunk--for money.
Okay, it was a yellow swing-thingie for a toddler. But it made a good story for a minute.
Then we went to Cafe Rio. For some reason the thrill is gone. Not as good as it used to be or maybe I'm just a J-Dawg girl now. We did eat outside and that part was nice, kind of. We wiped the table after we ate and our napkin became black. Glad that happened after we ate. Well, maybe not.
Tuesday said, twice or three times, "I want to see Aunt Julie." Aunt Julie is her great aunt--my sister.
After we got home to swing a bit, because the lawn swings were calling and who knows how much longer we are going to have such divine weather--who should drop by? Aunt Julie. Who gave Tuesday some good cuddles.
And then tonight, after Phil and I slept through my newest Netflix movie--I really should be banned--Robin Hood, Men in Tights--don't tell me--you love it--our good friend Shannon dropped by to tell us of her exciting life. We lapped it up because we are boring and she is not. Isn't she cute? And she's available, if anyone knows a forty-ish-fifty-isn dishy man.

And now Phil is watching Good Neighbors and I'm blogging and just getting ready to go blog watching.

See you in the funny papers. Or on your blog, whichever comes first.


Jen Evans said...

She's cute - she and my dad are probably already online buddies. Teeheehee. The picture with Julie made me sad - we wanted to see her when Lizzie and I were in Utah last but the schedule just didn't work :-(

Shawn said...

If I were a bee, I would go for the Pepsi... Mmmmm, I love Pepsi--not Diet tho', so I mix it with straight Pepsi.

I only have one a day, so I don't feel too guilty.

p.s. your friends shirt is very