Tuesday, October 7, 2008


We watched another one of my movies last night. As the credits were running Phil said, "Your Netflilx privileges have been revoked."

Now I ask you, what is wrong with watching movies no one has ever heard of before? Phil says there is good reason no one has ever heard of them. I think they are delightful--well, most of them.

So, because he hasn't added a movie in months, I helped him out and added four more today. Three of them are foreign films. If it weren't for me we wouldn't even HAVE a queue. He should be grateful that I am giving him the chance to be entertained and amused.

Shouldn't he?


Shawn said...

I don't LET my hubby pick movies---he falls asleep through them anyway---it would be a waste.

I watch only Foreign films and independent films---and once in a while a kids flick for my little guy---but I am pretty selfish about my queue! I have about 280 in there, though---is that a sickness or what? So many movies, so little time...

Catherine said...

Now I'm curious, Lynne. Foreign films, from where? European? As English ones? or Japenese? I think that, in a general way, we, European, are used to watch movies from many foreign countries. Reading many American blogs, I have the impression that Americans don't really like our European movie production.
So, I'm very happy to read that you and Shawn love this other way of directing. Because our movies are so different in many ways.
But I reassure you, we love yours too....We love them so much, that They (Who, I don't know) decided to present american movies at movie theaters almost ALWAYS in english with French subtitles. They found this to boost French cinema that the French public ignored.
Some of your independant films are excellent.

Tierney said...


I love what you have to say about kids. As you know, it's an area in which my interests have recently expanded, but I do not think it is a passing fancy. I hold my little girl, and I promise her that I am going to raise her to love herself and believe in her ability to do great things. I look at how proud she is when she does little things, like stand in my lap on those chubby little legs, and I want her to always feel that confidence.

And yes, you should be grateful that you do not like ice cream. A pint of Ben and Jerry's has 200% of daily saturated fat. Oh no! I do it once in a while, too. And I want to see your queue!



nomadic gnome said...

Hi, I'm Jen's sister, Julie. I just watched the best movie on my netflix queue if you're looking to add another good foreign: Vitus. It's about a child prodigy piano wunderkind. It's in German and such a beautiful story! I'd never heard of it, but its now in my list of favorites. Plus it stars an actual child piano prodigy, age 12. So good!

tearese said...

What movies are they? Have you seen Life is Beautiful? One of the best foreign films ever.