Friday, November 28, 2008


This is my friend and Gilmore Girl's sister-in-law and Fearless Hunter's sister, California Girl. She is an amazing woman. She is the mother of twins, this one is here and her sister is in Heaven, watching over her family. The story of their birth was told here. This is Baby Azzy. She is seven months old. She is bright, gregarious--wasn't afraid to come and sit on my lap and tell me things. I couldn't understand her language but she was telling me, all the same. I love Baby Azzy. I love her Momma more. Don't tell.
When it was time to leave Baby Azzy was all decked out in her bunny coat. She has a spell cast over her Momma and her Daddy and now me, too.
When she grows up she will be whatever she decides to be. Her momma is a fabulous writer with unique language twists, just what children will love to read. Her daddy is a rocket scientist, really he is. Works on all things that go to, and return from, outer space.

And this wee person, well, she can grow up to be whomever she wants. And I know she will.

We can all do this. We can be whomever we decide to be. Even if we are old and moldy or if we are brand fresh. It's amazing, the power of intention we have.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

she is adorable and love that bunny coat!

Michael Rawluk said...

Maybe I will be a rocket scientist, too. Or emperor of the world. That might be good.

Tierney said...

I am so pleased to see my lovely little lovely on your blog! We are honored to be featured and love you so much!

Tierney and Azzy

JJ said...

She is so cute especially like the shot in the bunny outfit

Cindy said...

Babies are so precious!! She is darling!! I was playing with little Tommy the other day and was just in awe at the wonder of it all!!