Saturday, November 15, 2008


We took our darling no-longer-a-teenager daughter's belated birthday present up to her today. We went to lunch and she showed us where she works. I insisted on photo's of the new birthday item and of course, being EXACTLY like her siblings she gave me her best sneer. I can't actually tell if the photo is good or not until I get it home. Thanks for the wonderful surprise, daughter dear. The sweater looks good though, don't'chathink? Jason's dog, Ruka, looked at her delightful sneer and decided that's what she was supposed to do when I bring out the camera. Sneer. An obedient dog, to be sure.
Kramer had no intention of sneering, He was right where he wanted to be. Right next to Her Excellency. Asleep.
But Your Excellency, I need
to be right next to you, too.
Oh, all right, you big baby. Let me just get
the tiny one out of the way first.
And so Ruka slunk up for a cuddle and
Kramer hopped off to welcome her.
And then there was more
snoozing. Two snoozers.
See what I have to put up with?
Yup, this is pretty much my life.
Happy late birthday, our beloved daughter. .
...and many more.

We love you,
Mom and Dad


hillary said...

Didn't you tell her to get her shoes off the couch (futon). Plus also don't say "beloved" it is one of my peevish words and I don't enjoy it. I makes me want to embalm something and that is creapy. bless your heart. Cute sweater and cute daughter. The second cutest one you have.

Ha-- my word verification is pheam. That's funny

Riz said...

Awh. Thank you again for coming up, I don't think you know how much I appreciated it. I've been lonely for some ma and pa time. I've been jealous ever since Jason went down and got to see you guys and I didn't.

And can you send me the other pictures? Especially the one of me and pa, I was quite fond of it.

Michael skorulski said...

A great set of fun and family images, Lynne.

Karen Deborah said...

cute gotta love dogs and kids, the snears are too funny

Michael Rawluk said...

Happy birthday to that cutie. Sweet smile in that first shot.

Today's word: adultee so I guess that means she is a real growed up type person.

tearese said...

thats a cool sweater. You can get me one too.