Wednesday, November 19, 2008


NON-SIGNED VAMPIRE BOOK: My--coughtotallyinsanecough--nephew--who I adore--promised his Sunday School class full of teenagers that if they read the Book of Mormon by the end of the year he would give them a signed copy of Stephenie Meyer's book, the last book in the TWILIGHT series, BREAKING DAWN. He thought it would be easy to obtain--coughdidn'tdoanyresearchfirstcough. He didn't know she's only had three book signings and signed copies of her book are $200 EACH, on EBay. Does anyone know Stephanie? He could send her some bookplates to sign if he had her sympathy. He certainly has mine.

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS: Are you worried that if we loose power you will freeze to death right in your own home. Go here and see some things you can do to prepare for emergencies. The link for foam clothing is there.

Phil and Kraut went to Jim Phillips' class years ago. Jim is the inventor of this amazing clothing. Who knows where the handouts are--somewhere in the garage--with the chairs. You can buy the clothing or make your own. There is a link to a video you can watch that explains the "Thermal Johns" and how they work. The test was done in a freezer at minus 18 degrees and the woman wearing the Thermal Johns started the test wearing them soaking wet.

The video that follows is about a portable composting toilet. It is called "Nature's Head." Honest, it is. I know you are thrilled to know this stuff. If you keep watching the video's you will see Jim give lots of good preparedness information. I've been watching for a l-o-n-g time. He said, "May we have the courage to create joy in our lives." That goes for more than preparedness, doesn't it?

You can click from one video to another by clicking on the second single forward arrow. He gives you information on everything unimaginable from a camping shovel and axe, bug spray, to the best books to read on survival. One short video is about a product called the Whiz Freedom. Yes, it's what it sounds like. Girls, you too can have the "stand up" experience.

PIONEER WOMAN: I know everyone on the planet knows about Pioneer Woman but just in case you don't follow the link and go see what she's up to. She has a cookbook blog, which I call the Add-Butter-Directly-To-Your-Thighs blog. She runs contests. My favorite was the one where people sent their recipes. When I'm bored I go read some of these. There are over 5,000. I've read about 200. It really gives you an idea of what people in America really eat, even though they say they steam their vegetables and eat whole grain bread, without butter, which Pioneer Woman doesn't believe in.

PLANE CRASH RECOVERY: Probably everyone knows about this too. In August a private plane crashed and burned in Arizona. The pilot died of injuries, the two passengers, Stephanie and Christian were burned badly. They have been recovering in Arizona while their four children were being cared for by Stephanie's siblings, here in Utah.

c jane enjoy it is a blog by Stephanie's sister. She has been giving updates on their recovery. Their recovery, by the way, has been nothing less than a miracle.

Their brother, The Jolly Porter has a blog too and it is good for a good chuckle. Only one problem with this site. He doesn't update often enough and he doesn't allow comments so people can't nag him about it. But he's in my ward so I nag every Sunday but I'm a failure though.

C Jane has links to Stephanie's blog which was written before the crash. Her posts are being re-posted. Stephanie is a lovely young mother who loved her role as wife and mother more than anything else in the world, even shoes.

You can donate to Stephanie and Christian's recovery efforts or even have an auction of your own and donate the money to this cause.

I wasn't going to write a book tonight or stay up this late, either. Don't tell Phil. He thinks I'm a reasonable person. Well, okay, he doesn't really think that but lets not add fuel to his list of reasons that I might not be reasonable.


Michael Rawluk said...

Did your--coughtotallyinsanecough--nephew promise that they would be signed by Stephanie Meyer or did he just promise that they would be signed?

cnlpeterson said...

Her coughPARTIALLYinsanecough nephew actually promised signed copies (by the author) of Breaking Dawn which is the fourth book in the Twilight series.

The story behing the story....

The coughwonderfulpartiallyinsanenephewcough (bless his heart) was distressed that he seemed unable to motivate said 14 year old students to read even 10 pages in the Book of Mormon. Many of these same students read the 750 odd page Breaking Dawn book in less than FOUR DAYS. Said (insert coughdiatribecough here) nephew did not think obtaining a signed copy would be EASY but perhaps not as expensive as they actually are. ;-(

P.S. No, we have never been worried of freezing to death if we lose power. (at least not since we moved to Hawaii).

Shawn said...

So many things in your amazing brain today!

Can they make stylish foam clothes?
If they can---you know, do "designer" foam clothes--then I am there!

As for your other news:
Don't like the Twilight books.
I will have to check out those new recipes.
AND I have been following stephanie's trials---I know her brother...amazing cool that she is on the mend!

tearese said...

I wonder if any parents were offended that a church person was buying their kids books with vampires?
I used to be all about fantasy, sci-fi, etc, but I am SO not interested in these books. Its just too weird that all the Mormon girls are reading them.
I love PW, but am more interested in her main site, and her photography site. And the home and garden part. Oh, guess I read the cookbook too. Click on the recipe in the sidebar for the squash puree, its hilarious.

Frank, Mike said...

I wonder if any parents were offended that a church person was buying their kids books with vampires? I used to be all about fantasy, sci-fi, etc, but I am SO not interested in these books. Its just too weird that all the Mormon girls are reading them.