Saturday, November 1, 2008


Why is it that I can't just ignore the last of the kale in the garden and not feel like I have to use it up? I also had tomatoes ripening so that was a double whammy and so made the LAST OF THE KALE AND BEAN SOUP, so help me, it has to be. I am about souped out. I froze some and saved some for dinner and packaged some to share.

The following hilarious photos were on Kraut's blog today, he called this sweet young thing the Mutant child. Now I ask you, does he look like a mutant to you? Me neither. He can't help it if he has locks of fluorescence.Kraut thanked the Soap Queen for their wonderful children. Darn right. Does she look old enough to have seven? I don't think so either.
On the other end of the valley we see Curly Sue as the Greek Goddess. With that curly hair she looks the part.
Tuesday is a grinnin' Minnie.
Gilmore Girl showed all the candy they got on
her blog and you know what? They did not get one stinkin' wrinkly apple or pencil. What's this world coming to, I ask you? Those kids won't have anything to complain about when they are old and decrepit like me.

Note: If you live in Arizona and then you can just say, "pfttt" tomorrow when the rest of us are grumbling about sundown being SO DARN EARLY. I would forgo the extra hour of sleep to keep things the way they are. How about you?


Barney Fife said...

I can't figure out why they persist in making us change our clocks twice every year.

ps You are an Angel. Or is that an Angle? I have trouble with those words.

Tierney said...

Oh, the little goddess and Minnie are soo cute. You are the soup queen. I shall now hop to Hildy's blog to see the candy!


hillary smith said...

No wrinkly apples or pencils this year. Em's mom always gave wrinkly apples but she put a toothpick with a piece of tape on it that had her name written so the parents knew where it came from. She is very thoughty.
We got a few plastic spider and skull rings and some playdoh and wooden airplanes for the boys. which I thought were great.

tearese said...

How can you grumble about the Fall Dailight Savings time? Its wonderful to get extra sleep! My kids got a toothbrush, a thing of playdough, and a pencil, and they were very excited about each of them.

tearese said...

wow, I don't think thats how you spell Daylight.

Astromom said...

I agree on the time change, my kids get all mixed up and I want to go to bed so early. I think the costumes are cute. I hope the Kale soup is on your recipe blog I would love to make it, I have a lot of tomatoes I have to use too and then I could freeze some for these snowy days.