Saturday, November 8, 2008


This morning I didn't pray beside my bed. I usually do that first thing after I've showered and dressed because that's when I make my bed. If my bed it unmade it means I haven't had my morning prayer. But, today I was going to change the sheets--note "was going to", as in, it didn't happen--and put the down comforter on for the winter. But, it didn't get done so as I was standing in the hall bathroom, un-ugly-ing my face and un-witching my hair I remembered I hadn't prayed. I folded my arms and had prayer, right there in the bathroom.

This is what I asked for: To remember the joy and the peace I felt when I lived with Heavenly Father before this life on earth. I would really like to remember it all but I know that wish can't be granted so I asked just to remember the joy and the peace. And then I asked that I could have that joy and peace with me.

Today was an ordinary day. I felt peace all day. I had a fair amount of joy too, far more than usual. I know there is no way I could have the joy of that I experienced in my pre-earth-life but what I had today was pretty nice.

So, today's plea was a success. Maybe that's all we have to do. Ask. Ask and have faith.

PS Pika, the prayer cat showed up for my prayer this morning. I don't know how she does it. And she had something to say, too.

PPS We just had family prayer as Phil has gone to bed and yes, Pika attended. She meowed, too. it's the only time we ever hear her voice.


Karen Deborah said...

My big black poodle used to join us when we prayed. I told him Jesus made him when he was a little puppy.
Ask and you shall receive, when you ask what is in the Father's will.

tearese said...

what a wonderful thing to pray for. I'll have to remember that when I'm having a hard week. Or every week, for that matter.