Sunday, November 2, 2008


Today in Relief Society our President was giving the lesson. She took it from Julie Beck's talk in the October 2007 Women's Conference. Our President is a darling woman who out-works, out-"relief's" and out-does me in everything and I adore her. First off she puts up a poster board on the white board-magnetic board with two magnets. The title of her poster was "Increase in Faith and Personal Worthiness." The magnets weren't strong enough and her poster slowly slid. The other counselor--I call her the Russian Princess--said, "Oh, oh, it looks like our faith is slipping."

Later Madam President was making a list of all the things the audience members suggested that women do. Things like "teach," and "cook," and "nurture." Someone said, "We're compassionate." Madam President said, "Well, that's one I'm certainly not!" Which really surprised me because he is the very essence of compassion. She turned around and wrote the word, "Passionate." I tried not to snort but it was difficult. Someone corrected her she laughed and just shook her head as if to say, "I can't believe I said that."

One woman said she was at the mall with her seventeen year old grandson and the displays at Victoria's Secret were particularly offensive. She was very embarrassed and he was too. Later she found out that several women had written to the Mall and Victoria's Secret had more modest displays after that. Voices for decency can be heard.

Another woman said that the drill team at the high school came out with outfits with one sleeve and no sleeve on the other side and the fabric made a slash across the body--quite immodest. One teenage boy yelled, "Modest is the hottest!" and the other kids in the bleachers yelled, "Say it again, say it again." Another voice for modesty heard.

Another woman said, "When we do what is right we get everything and more." She had a story to go with it but it's too long to put here.

Today during testimony meeting the Russian Princess's teenage boy was bearing his testimony. He was talking about Jesus and the Holy Ghost being a comforter. He quoted from John 14--I didn't get the verse--and then he said something like, "Jesus watches over us and we can rely on him and nothing bad can happen to us," and then he paused for just a milisecond, and said, "even if it does." That made more sense to me than almost anything that was said today. "...even if it does." Because we have faith in the Savior we can weather any storm, even though it's hard. Even though it hurts. Even though our hearts may be broken we can do it because he loves us and atoned for us and sent the Holy Ghost as the most precious gift.

Anyway, a big of rambling. Today was a good church day and a not-good "I've rented another bomb from Netflix" night and I think I am really banned this time. Send good recommendations.

And one last bit: Another woman in Relief Society had on brown herringbone tights. They were beyond darling. She also has the perfect legs to go in the brown herringbone tights. "It's discusting," said the jealous woman who does not have brown herringbone tights or great legs to go in them, either.


Bonnie Sorenson said...

I loved this story. Even when all things seem to be crashing around me, I somehow have the strength to keep going if I constantly am trying do good things for others. Following the example of our Savior is the only way to live.

Shar said...

I haven't seen this, but I hear that Lars and the Real Girl is a great movie.

a bunch of apples said...

Hi! Yes, this is Kelley Ruffner (Apple). I am so glad you found my blog. However, I have a different one that is private. Let me know what your email is and I will invite you to it. Thanks for leaving me a comment, it was so fun to hear from you!

Muum said...

My Sunday was great, too. I love Fast and Testimony meeting, and enjoyed hearing about your R.S. lesson. You are just like me, I usually check out the status of everybody's hair dye jobs when I am not thinking of more spiritual things! I tagged you for a (sigh!) meme.

Astromom said...

I love your ramblings, I was home with sick kids and missed Church so reading this helped me feel like I still got a bit of church.