Thursday, November 27, 2008


The blogging Gremlins have been active tonight and so I've lost some of the photos. Sorry family. Some photos I loaded twice, they were there and when I posted they were gone. Twice. And the most important one of all--Phil's, isn't to be found. Also, we look like a somber group. There was much laughter, I promise. I just never caught it. I'm blaming it on the camera.

It was a grand day, we are full of lovely food and the warmth of each family member that we love so dearly. And when they drove off I couldn't speak because my throat was full of tears. They probably thought I was just speechless--for the first time in my life.

We'll do it again at Christmas, dear family.

We love you.


Bonnie Sorenson said...

Your Thanksgiving looked wonderful. I wish i could have seen Tricia and Bentley as they were passing through. I emailed her and asked her to call me, but I don't know how often she reads her email. You were lucky to have so much family. I would have loved to have seen any of the kids and grandkids. My sister did invite Randy's sister Dana and me over, so I saw many nieces and nephews.

I wrote an interesting story on my blog tonight that i would like you to read, but I certainly didn't follow what i wrote. I am going to bed early but it early in the AM--not PM.

hillary said...

It was great MOM! You out did yourself-again!

Maybe Tuesday took your pictures. She's up to something, I can see it in her eyes.


Michael Rawluk said...

I hope you brought some lonely chairs out of the garage.

Michael Skorulski said...

Great family images. So much going on in each one. Looks like you had a great holiday.

JJ said...

Looks like you put on a feast and everyone had a great time on Thanksgiving with you :)