Wednesday, November 26, 2008


May your stuffing be tasty,
Your turkey be plump,
Your 'taters and gravy
Have never a lump.

May your yams be delicious,
Your pies take the prize,
And your Thanksgiving dinner
Stay off of your thighs! *

The turkey is in the fridge. This year I am cooking a fresh one, usually I buy the frozen ones and cook them frozen. I know, strange. You don't have to get up early, you put it in the oven the night before on a lower temperature and by the time the rest of the dinner is ready it's done. Only problem is it's done w-a-y before all the charts I've seen. This year I am trying a new method. I'll let you know how it turns out. I have to get up at 4:00 AM. Yawn. Me. The night owl. And I won't dare go back to bed for fear I'll forget something.

Most of the family will be here, fork in hand, hopefully under my feet, saying, "I better taste that to make sure it's okay." Sounds nutty but I love it. I love them underfoot, snitching bits of stuffing or wandering by with a plate full of teeny-beenie-weenies, clam dip and chips, artichoke dip w/ French baguettes, sliced thin, etc. I simply love them underfoot. There is nothing like family.

And there is nothing like Thanksgiving. I think it may be my favorite holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all in the USA. And to my Canadian friends, I'm over a month late with the Thanksgiving wishes. How truly plebeian of me. (That doesn't exactly make sense but I've always wanted to use the word "plebeian" in a blog.) Forgive me. And for my Canadian friends and all else, may this day be stuffed full of possibilities of the wondrous and fun kind, for you and those you love.

*This poem came in an email from my funny friend, Terri. Terri does not blog even though she is a nurse and has a plethora of funny stories to relate. Even though she has a gaggle of kids who have a gaggle of kids and those grandkids do and say funny things. Terri should take pity on Lynne who is often bored. Terri should blog.


Michael Rawluk said...

Have a great Thanksgiving.

The word verification: fatonits.

JJ said...

as always a pleasure to read,
Happy thanksgiving to you and your family

Shawn said...

Your Thanksgiving sounds wonderful! I too love to have my kids around---except this year, my son isn't here and my daughter lives in Utah with twins, so she can't fly out here.

I am going to be out there on Dec. 6th to the you can come and visit me. :)