Friday, November 21, 2008


I know you will be jealous of my Friday evening activity. I ironed napkins. Not just any napkins, either. Paper napkins.

Why? you ask. Because I'm thrifty. A saver. Cost conscious. Cheap. Like I said, thrifty.

And the napkins weren't mine. They belonged to the Relief Society. They were napkins that we had rolled up, with silverware inside for Enrichment dinners and didn't use them. So, I took them apart tonight and ironed them and viola! Almost new napkins that a non-cheap non-thrifty person would have thrown away. Money saved? Twenty cents--maybe. Money used for electricity and my time? Priceless. Ha ha. I know, corny. about a half hour my spontaneous friend, Pam, is picking me up and we are going to Mamma Mia. Again. So, my ironing thrift will pay off as we go to the cheap inexpensive dollar movie, which I think actually costs a dollar-fifty. They charge the big bucks for evenings.
But in all fairness we paid regular price when it first came out. We didn't even ask for the senior discount, which, of course, we aren't eligible for anyway, being born in the seventies. We made the record books, giving birth to children before our own birth like we did. We should be in some kind of record book. Right next to the man who has foot long fingernails or someone who only eats chocolate. Now there's an idea.

I hope your Friday evening is at least as exciting as mine.


JJ said...

LOL you have such a wonderful way with words, my friday evening was less exiting I think catching up with work emails i hadnt got to over last few days
hope you had a good time out and enjoyed the movie again

Annette said...

I just love reading your blog! I honestly can't believe you ironed paper napkins! Now that is definitely, well, I don't know what word to use --frugal? Anyway, I love you and the service you give all of us.

Muum said...

I try not to add up how much I save when I do something like napkin ironing. I am thinking us *ahem* more mature ladies should make a big ole' list of thrifty ideas for our younger kids/ moms/ etc. a great mini class idea, really!!!!!!
And.. I gave you an AWARD!!! so come on over and visit.

hillary said...

That's my mom. I am totally your daughter. I would have ironed them too, or better yet just left them with the silverware in them and called it good. I wouldn't have IRONED them with the silverware inside, I just would have used them as is. I sure as heck didn't get my lasy-ness from you. But other stuff for sure. loveyoubye

Ludwig von Backbacon said...

I think the Music Police might be on there way. I never liked ABBA.