Monday, December 22, 2008


" Let's start the Christmas shopping at 9:30 in the morning," I said as Phil kissed me goodnight last night.

"Mmmump," he said, which, being the optimist I sometimes am I interpreted to mean, "Yes, dear."

We left the house at noon.

Our late start might have something to do with what we saw when we looked in the back yard.

Snow everywhere!

I think the hummingbird nectar might be frozen.

We did finally leave...The neighbor's snowman bid us farewell. I heard him snicker, "Slowpokes."This is a busy street. Usually. Today only one other fool was out.Someone forgot to take the flag down.We had a schedule--I even made a map--five places to go. We got to exactly one of them...the BYU Bookstore. We were there several hours. Phil went to get the car while I waited with the 100 pound bags. This is what the weather still looked like.And here he comes to pick me up. It is only an eight minute drive from BYU to our house. How come it was DARK when we got home? I think we drove through some kind of a time warp.

We said we would go back out to the other four places you probably guessed, I am blogging and Phil is channel surfing. I guess we will start in the morning at 9:30. "Won't we dear?"


PS Written the following day. We started at 1:30!


Bonnie said...

Great story from beginning to the end. Every day seems to go the same way for me. I have all of these things to do and I go all day long and yet my list just keeps getting longer.

JJ said...

What a wonderful story and shots, if not as productive shopping wise as you hoped it was productive in creating this wonderful post

better luck for tomorrow

Michael Skorulski said...

Your snow images give me a warm feeling. Very nice.

hillary said...

How fun for you guys. You were shopping while I was shoveling our driveway. We didn't even leave the house yesterday. Your pictures are great. Loveyoutheverymostofallthegang. h

Anonymous said...

Beautiful snow!

Alvin of the North said...

Too cold here to make snow people. You have some beautiful winter shots, my dear.

Shawn said...

You are so good with your pictures and everything. I haven't gotten my pictures from my visit to Utah on my computer, because I lost my connector to download the pictures to the computer----duh---I am such a space case!

So, I have to get a new one, and Christmas is here the day after tomorrow, and I am still trying to get stuff done!

Anywho---you STILL amaze me---whether you leave late or not---I'm impressed!

Cindy said...

Brrrr!!! Beautiful!!