Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I have lots to say but can't tonight because everything deserves some time. Actually, it's all about people and that shouldn't be rushed, even if no one but me reads it.

I will just say this:

I met a marvelous woman--whose blog I follow--today. More about her later.

I met with my personal history group. The girl whose house we meet at wrote an incredible poem which gave me much to think about. She is a very intuitive woman and one of the best people I know. More later.

I got a tender email from a friend, which I cannot tell about later, but which touched me, helped me--her cousin said it would and he didn't even know me or know that it was me it would help--and which gave me many, many things to ponder. She blesses my life. I have printed it so I can read it again and again.

I'm going on a trek with one of my incredible sons tomorrow and I am looking forward to it more than I would have realized. I helped him up when he fell down when he was a baby and now he helps me up when I emotionally fall down. Life is a never ending circle, perhaps. And he's funny.

I am so lucky to have my daughter's sister-in-law as a friend. She is also incredible. Pictures soon to follow of the dearest ornament ever which is all about love.

I read people's blogs on this marvelous thing we call the Internet and am amazed at people's goodness, complexity, commitment, joy and triumph over sorrow and down right funniness. My daughter, Gilmore Girl always seems to say just the thing to make me smile, and just when I need it. How lucky I am to have children.

One of these days I need to finish my ABC's of gratitude. I don't even know what letter I'm on. So, that will come later too.

That's all, nothing said but everything promised.


hillary said...

I'm curious about all those people you can or cannot talk about later.

Also I do believe I am not as funny as you think I just think you might be a little dingie. No wonder I like you so much.

Michael Skorulski said...

An excellent writeup and I like your new holiday snap.