Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I'm sitting here looking at six fingernail polish bottles lined up, a toothbrush in a case, a Coca-Cola bottle filled with water--because I'm thrifty--an address book with all the pesky codes for all the pesky websites and pesky blogs that demand an unnecessary password, two books on writing--which I don't seem to ever read--a stuffed animal goat I've had since childhood which "baa's" that I can't seem to throw away because Daddy bought it for me, a stack of untidy papers, some tweezers and a mirror so I can tweeze the stray eyebrows off my chin, a copy of the Book of Mormon, a fingernail file that is about a foot long, a sharpie and a pen with a sunflower on the end and I have nothing to say. I could have said that all with one photo.

Sorry. Was that a thousand words?


Michael Skorulski said...

A most amusing thousand words, Lynne.

JJ said...

Yes a photo would have shown all that but not as well as you wrote it :)

hillary said...

I would like a picture also. Bless your heart.

Colette Amelia said...

I have a great idea! Hows about a picture of you and your two cameras!!!

Tierney said...

How cute you are talking about your stray eyebrows. What a nice way to look at it. I do love your words, and it's like I can almost see it as well as I could with a picture. Plus, it means more.

Lots of love,


mulation...what does that mean? You and I are getting fancy word verifications, aren't we? Oh, maybe it means turning something into a mule.