Tuesday, December 16, 2008


"Come on, Kramer," says Her Excellency of Mousehold. "No, I'm just going to stay here--with my electric eyes--, under the chair."
But he does come out and nestles under her leg. He keeps his eyes on electric-mode.
I say to her, "Smile!" and I get this look...
...and then she rewards me with a big cheeser, my girl.
She hasn't squashed Kramer, he's actually gone to sleep. He follows her around like a...well, like a puppy dog and ignores Phil and me. It's very discouraging.


Tierney said...

Already tried to leave a comment, but had a computer problem. As always, Elizabeth is absolutely lovely and darling. I'm a bit jealous of her, sitting in the comfy chair and visiting with you. I love the part about moss and sauce. You make me happy.



JJ said...

Great series of shots, Kramer does look so content sitting under her knee

hillary said...

Your (second) favorite daughter is darling and a greasy H** bag, Man I miss that kid. She is a pleasure. Were you in heaven to see her for a while? LOVEYOUBYE


hillary said...

PS I need a better picture of that read coat that is so darling. lyb yfc

Cris n Nick said...

That is one cute doggy.
I have no idea what we're going to give out as our neighborhood presents...probably something sweet. But the pizza is a cool idea.

Shawn said...

Pretty girl, adorable dog---much like my own little Yorkie-poos---I will have to post their new Christmas tees... Heh, heh.