Sunday, December 28, 2008


A little bit of a trauma today, starting with a phone call. Nothing I can do and it was upsetting. I get so upset. Then three angels appeared to give me some comfort.

My Nephew and his wife, from Hawaii, are in town and they stopped over. We had limited time but he talked good sense. I wish we could have a couple of good hours with them without the distraction of kiddies. Not that I don't like the kiddies, mind you, the kiddies are great but I really needed to hear more of the things they had to say and there were interruptions. Good experiences that look like bad ones on the surface but they are smart enough to realize the true value. And good things they are doing/have done to stay sane in this insane world. I need more of their wisdom. I may write one of the analogies he received from a teacher some time as I think it may help others.

Right in the middle of their visit I got a call from a friend of mine, she's ninety-four years old, asking me to lunch after the New Year. She said she missed me at church--claimed she's too short to see me--and wanted to know if I was all right. She once said, "Your daughter reminds me of myself when I was her age," and she is the most wonderful ninety-four-year-old on the planet. So, I'm thinking that my daughter will be a wonderful ninety-four-year-old some day.

One of our sons asked us to dinner. It was scrumptious. Everything at their house is so good and they ask us to dinner often. Again, good talk and good wisdom. A calming influence. Time to unwind and let go of the "grabbies" that had a tight hold on my heart and mind and stomach.

And then there is Phil. The stable one in this marriage. I should nickname him The Gyroscope. He is always strong, doesn't let problems tip him, so unlike, me who goes wobbling off into space, screaming like a wounded wombat. So I guess it's four angels--or four angel twosomes.

There is a reason the Holy Ghost is called the comforter. He sends comfort through those with wisdom. The good food didn't hurt, either.

I haven't read blogs for what seems like a week and am too tired to do so now. I owe email replys to wonderful people and am too tired to do that, also. I hope everyone is loving life and taking wonderful photos and dealing well with whatever "stuff" comes their way and that when "stuff" does come their way I hope the angels will appear.


hillary said...

You should be in bed young lady. I hope you are feeling better today. How were those Hawaiians anyway? yfc

Maurice said...

Colette Amelia was having a few tears drop. I asked what was wrong. "I am reading Lynne's blog." she said. You aways have a profound effect on MY angel.

Shawn said...

Rest up, my dear and I hope today was a better one.

And thank goodness for those angels--and the Comforter---I couldn't survive without them...