Friday, December 12, 2008


I joined Facebook some time ago and forget to check in to see what's up with my friends. When I do I find odd things that I don't understand. One friend is dancing with the elves. What does that mean? Is it code for something? Is she secretly employed by the CIA and is negotiating with subversive Pygmies? And what does dancing have to do with it? Is that code for dancing around danger? I just don't know.

Another is drinking herbal tea and thinking about watching Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. Why is she only thinking about it? Is it because she's a grown-up and thinks she shouldn't watch such things? Does she worry that her husband might come into the room and say, "Why aren't you watching some horrible shoot-um-up-kill-people-dead, shooting-up-with-heroin-on-the-streets, or one of the many I'll sue-the-pants-off-you-because-you-won't-pay-for-my-dog's-bad-breath-treatment? She should just go ahead and watch Sisterhood.

Someone else tied their shoes. Hell-O. So did I, but I didn't mention it today. Was I supposed to? Is that an accomplishment in today's world?

I don't even know how to find a list of who is on my Facebook "team." Is it a team? If it's not a team then what is it?

I think I'm too old for Facebook. I'm going to bed. Should I announce that on Facebook, do you think?


Pam's Place said...

Me too. Too old for it. It's for people who think in single sound bytes.

Pam's Place said...

Maybe like Laugh-In without the laughs?

Cindy said...

LOL, I have the exact same problem. Facebook is just weird.

Muum said...

yup, I am on it, too, mostly just to 'hang out' on there with mykids. (and one of them keeps poking me.. ) what is up with that?

JJ said...

My kids and work colleagues have asked me to join facebook, but I ont think its my thing either, I think its for a younger age group than me

Damama T said...

ROFL! I just signed up for FB because I have several friends and family who are on there who kept bugging me to join. So I did. Under and assumed name because I DON'T WANT CERTAIN PEOPLE TO FIND ME! LOL!

Thankfully the assumed name has thus far kept the number of weird wall messages at bay. I'm sure that sooner or later somebody will catch on to who/where I am and I'll get to join the fun too! LOL! You crack me up, girl!

Hey! If we are too old for this facebook, maybe we should start our own and call it Wrinkledfacebook! Whatch think??

Kirby3131 said...

I am really enjoying facebook. I've caught up with a bunch of people from High School and it is so much fun to see the pictures of them with their kids and husbands and wives. Our 25th reunion is next year and I'm really looking forward to seeing these people who I now know so much better than I ever did in HS. I used to only talk to about 10 people at the reunions, now my possible chat partners has just increased to about 30.

I enjoy the super pokes and throwing snowballs - it's just fun.

Have a great day!

Michael Rawluk said...

I once wrote on Facebook that I didn't understand how people could waste so much time on Facebook.
I then went back to reading blogs.