Wednesday, December 17, 2008


The Brown Dot and Mary Poppins came over tonight to pick up some caramels to give to Mary's fellow students in honor of her birthday. Happy Birthday, nine-year-old!

The Brown Dot brought his new toy. He regularly buys new toys from This new toy is a infrared laser thermometer.

"What good is it?" someone asked.

He looked like everyone in the room had lost their minds. "What good is it? I've always wanted to know the temperature of things. Look!" And then he showed, and told us the temperature of everything IN THE WHOLE HOUSE.

Don't mind the tower of Babel Christmas boxes, waiting to be unloaded.

Yes, he demo'd the temperature of the inside of his nostril. Lucky us, to know the temperature of his nostrils.
His toes are cooler than his foot.We now know the temperature of Phil's ear.The fridge was very cool. But not as cool as the freezer. The fireplace took first place. It was 600 degrees. And this, children, is why you do not leave the fire on when you leave the house for two hours like we did yesterday. Do as we say, not as we do.Jesus was one degree cooler than Heavenly Father in our print of the stained glass of The First Vision in the Palmyra Temple, New York. Or maybe it was the other way around. It's hard to tell Jesus from Heavenly Father.Mary Poppins gave her dad a hug and I, the ever alert photographer, always on the lookout for family unity, took their picture. The Brown Dot, being my child, pulled a face.
I sighed. "Retake," I said. Another face. I sighed again. "Retake."
He is ever willing to show me new photography techniques and take my temperature at the same time.
And then he almost cooperated. Mary Poppins ALWAYS cooperates.
On the way out the door he took one last reading.
"Look'it, Ma," he said. He calls me "Ma" sometimes, just like a real redneck. "The snow is seven degrees."
And then he and my darling grandchild departed in the seven degree weather and went home.

I am so lucky to have a quirky son. I'm also lucky to know about Woot--it's a fun place to check every day. Like I need one more Internet site to check every day.

May you all have a lovely night and perhaps, if you've been good this year, Santa will leave a laser temperature gun in your stocking and then you too can take the temperature of your nostril and everything else. And if you are lucky enough to have a mother like me you can announce the results to her and make a faces when she takes your picture. She will be so proud.


Michael Skorulski said...

A fun set of images. Always good to know the temperature of things.

Bonnie said...

This looks just too fun! This is a toy that I want Santa to bring me! Does anyone know his address? Is it too late? Did I miss the Christmas deadline?

Laura ~Peach~ said...

too funny! I do laugh every time your kids pull faces my son is next to impossible to get a typical photo of... he always pulls some sort of face... so does the girl but shes a bit better about smiling on cue.... cool toy ... and what exactly was the nostil temprature?

JJ said...

Such a fun post to read, I have an app on my phone that gives alerts of whats on woot, but I forget to check it

Shawn said...

And what do you call this way cool invention? I always have a hard time finding my better half presents---so---this might be promising!

TeamGornold said...

it took seeing some pictures but after reading your blog i realized just how much i do miss taylor!
B and i only see him but once or twice a year!
i miss my denture fudge buddy

p.s. my verification word was 'notiness' i think that means that i have not been good this year and santa will skip me!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Shawn, I just googled laser temperature gun and lots of sites came up.

Tell him you want him to google robotic cordless vacuums.

hillary said...

He is such a nerd. I love that guy. Plus that daughter of his is indead my favorite. I wish I lived 8 minutes from you still. I'd come over ALL the time. I wouldn't be as entertaining as a lazer temp gun but I would come over. yfc

UNMOL: the politically correct name for removing ones moles, maybe with a lazer temp gun.

hillary said...

Hey you have 8 comments! lucky you. Oh not it's 9.