Monday, December 15, 2008


Usually the neighborhood Christmas gifts are something sweet--our is--caramels.

This is what the Ekin's brought to our door on Saturday night:
A Pizza shell, a bag of mozarella cheese and a bag of sliced pepperoni. I added some bell pepper and a can of mushrooms.

And we ate in a half hour. Dinner was delicious! (I forgot to take a picture until we had nearly gobbled the whole pizza up. We left just enough for a breakfast slice for each of us.)

Now that's what I call a clever Christmas gift and we didn't have sugar overload after eating it, either. I wish we had thought of it first. I wouldn't have to make all those stinkin' caramels. Okay, they don't exactly stink but the thought of the work it takes is a stinker.

Do you give neighborhood gifts? Are they clever or boring, like ours?


Laura ~Peach~ said...

have never done neighborhood gifts but I like that one it is just cool!
looks yummy too!

Cindy said...

Sometimes we give neighborhood gifts. Usually yummy goodies, and maybe a video or two. Mr. Kruegers Christmas is one we like to give or Joy to the World. We can do that in our most non-LDS neighborhood!!

JJ said...

That is such a unique and good gift idea, I have never come across the neighborhood gifting before seems a wonderful idea

Shawn said...

Great idea!

Mine are boring---we sing to the people that we bring something to, so I count that as the extra "oomph" in our present...