Thursday, December 4, 2008


If you down to the basement and get yourself a new toothbrush but the only color left is grey then you might as well be happy about it because, after all, if you have toothbrushes down there you bought them on sale and so the money you saved was probably spent on something wonderful, like shoes or lunch out with someone delightful.

If you don't have any Christmas presents bought yet...NOT're lucky that you haven't bought the wrong things and that they will have to be returned. You can still look forward to buying the wrong things later.

Be glad you are coughing up a lung. It's like sit-ups for the stomach muscles, without the sweat.

And, finally, even though your husband says thing that make you snort you are so happy to have him here, taking care of you, holding your hand and kissing you goodnight, and you are happy he does says such odd things anyway, because he makes you laugh on a regular basis.

And I'm happy I was blessed with my children. They are a joy in life.


Colette Amelia said...

Oh poor baby cakes with no lungs! Break out the garlic and cook up some garlic soup I say! Make sure phil has some too...if you both are venting garlic from every pore the other one won't notice it.

A new study says that you can get happiness from 3 degrees of seperation so just think that all of your kids and grandkids and you are saving us all from prescriptions of paxil, welbutrin, effexor, should be getting payments from the medical system for your public service!

Michael Rawluk said...

I was going to write something clever but you know me . . . clever is not in me. Just listen to Colette Amelia. She is the smartest person I know (even with that brain injury.)

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Karen Deborah said...

I can't be happy about coughing I am worn out. Check out coffee Beans post today about Christmas shopping don't miss it!

Camille said...

I love the suggestion to just see the bright side of everything. With teenagers--well, I needed that reminder. My husband is like that--he can always see the blessing in everything--even a broken down car 2 days before a Christmas road trip.

hillary said...

I missed a who slew of posts. I can't beleive it.

I will comment now: First, you should think of your grey toothbrush as "SILVER" then it is fancy and not "blah" And B: we don't need presents anyway (wait, are little white cookies considered presents?)
Third: your children are delightful because of your darling self.
4th: ahkikalhem.