Monday, June 30, 2008


Ha! Got your attention, didn't I? Not that kind of swingers, just friends, sitting on the lawn swings, swinging.

Saturday's Swingers: Just Phil and me. We sat together, which we don't always do as the newer swings are more comfortable for him, the older ones are more comfortable for me. He put his arm around me and we sat, mostly in silence, enjoying the closeness and companionship. It was like old times, dating times when we could sit and talk for hours.

Yesterday's Swingers: Dona, Mark, Pam, Phil and me. We laughed so much and so loud that today our neighbor--across the street--who was in the house last night but heard us--asked to be let in on yesterday's joke. It was funny, a hilarious story, but would leave something in the translation. That Dona, she has a story for every occasion.

Today's Swingers: Joan, David, Kim, Genny, Dick, Boyd, Betty, Phil and me. Subjects today were more serious, a bit of joking, Boyd brought Australian licorice and dark chocolate. We watched the comings and goings in the neighborhood, waved to neighbors. Nate rode by on his bike and then stopped for a half hour or so and gave us news of one of his sisters, who some of us taught in Young Women's. She has another cancer but not an aggressive one. She will be in all our prayers tonight.

We are a close neighborhood. Share each other's joys and tragedies. Share jokes. Share friendships. Share treats. Share anticipated trips to J-Dawg--some have not been to J-Dawg yet. Unbelievable.

Which is where Pam and Sarah and I went to today. Which is a story for another day but if you are local to Provo and Orem you owe yourself a trip. Get it with extra sauce and extra banana peppers and unless you are a spicy Dawg lover, avoid the jalapenos. Don't forget the Smart Cookie while you are there. Sarah buys them by the dozen.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

i wish i lived close enough to swing with you... Nothing better than swinging in a beautiful yard enjoying the company! and the dogs sound delish! yes to extra banana peppers!

happy mommy said...

I am SO with you on the is one of my favorite summertime activities!!

TeamGornold said...

SWINGERS?!? That's disgusting!!!! ha ha. B and I are jealous. We do MISS so much sitting and just existing on the lawn swings. ho hum. so distraught. we will swing soon. And we absolutely cannot wait!
Love and miss you very much!
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tearese said...

My mom and sometimes dad sit out on their lawn swing all summer (remember the lack of a/c!) Too bad they didn't have it when I lived there.