Friday, June 6, 2008


Today I had cut an orange, washed strawberries and blueberries and left strawberry hulls, etc. on the breadboard.

I was talking to Gilmore Girl on the phone when Phil came in the kitchen, looked at the breadboard and said, "Why didn't you clean up your mess?"

I had to answer the phone," I said.

"Hey," Gilmore Girl said, "You called me!"

A minor detail.


A friend, who shall remain nameless , gave me this card today.

I want it read at my funeral, which I hope won't be for a lo-o-o-o-ng time. But first I want to live up to it. I'm sharing it with you because so many of you are peach-pit-planting people, too.

~A story About You~

Who in their life hasn't planted a peach pit just hoping that somehow a seedling would grow? And then they move on to some other adventure, and if it comes up--well, they don't even know.

That's one way of picturing your style of living. You've planted ideas and dreams unaware. You've noticed somebody who's heart need attention and planted a positive feeling in there. It's part of your nature. You may not remember the kind and encouraging things that you've done.... But everywhere, "peach pits" are growing like crazy. and people are blooming. (I know it--I'm one.)

Happy Birthday,

To my forever friend,



And this unnamed friend brought me exquisite flowers, right out of her garden. And she took me to lunch. She often calls and says, "What are you doing?" I know that I'm in for an adventure as she has something up her sleeve--and it's not her arm.

Thank you, my unnamed friend. You are my peach pit friend, too.


We have all had peach-pit-planting friends in our lives. Some of them were our own mothers. Some are our sisters. Occasionally they might even be our brothers. Some are friends who have come and gone but we are changed forever because of their kindness. We are stronger. Have more compassion for others. Better know our strengths because they were so generous to tell us what they are. Sometimes they had to shout to us to make sure we heard. Occasionally there may have been shaking involved.

Sometimes they planted a peach pit in a note or, in this day and age, in an email. I got one last week from an old friend. I had forgotten some of the things mentioned but was happy to be reminded. I think sometimes we have family and friends who are shouting encouraging words from beyond the veil. We just can't hear them but we occasionally feel them near.

I feel friendships from my blogging friends, some of whom I have never met. One such friend sent me six beautiful collectible dishes. How do you repay such kindness? I treasure most of all her encouraging words.

To all my friends, old and new, found and lost, I thank you. My peach tree is growing because of you. And bearing fruit, and it's delicious.


Anonymous said...

You're a peach when I'm in the pits....and even when I'm not. So much for an anonymous friend :-)

Catherine said...

You're so blessed to receive such a kind testimony, Lynnes! That's the most fabulous Birthday present!
I think that peach pits gardeners assemble themselves to create the most beautiful garden on Earth, because they take care of each others'shoots as if they were theirs.
Does your husband read your comments? Make him go away.
He looks like the Bogeyman! Please, Lynnes, write a post to restore the true! If you don't in the following days, I'll know that I was right, he IS the bogeyman! ; )

Laura ~Peach~ said...

great post... thank you

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

You have some awesome friends! Lucky yoU!

Colette Amelia said...

Happy Birthday Peaches!

Michael Rawluk said...

Happy Birthday from all the little rodents of the north.