Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I was searching for a blog subject tonight and I decided to go to my favorites file and close my eyes and run the courser--or is it cursor? Curses, I don't know which. Anyway, I decided to run that little arrow/hand up and down, and then stop, and with the eyes still closed pick a web site. Maybe, I thought, there will be an idea for a blog there.

Guess what? It was Orson Scott Card's web site where 34 of his writing lessons are posted. Wouldn't you know it? Me, not writing today, and of over 900 web sites in my favorites file, I pick his.

"This means something," said in my best Richard Dreyfus's voice, from the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

I should have known.

So, I must write. I hope some of you are writing too.

PS Orson's website has had 6, 388,452 since June 8, 1996. Impressive. Also, I once lived in Greensboro, NC. If things had turned out differently I might still be there and have been able to take classes from Uncle Orson. Then, I would be writing about a girl in a mythical city in a made up world, fighting aliens and not a funny story about a girl, somewhat autobiographical, with a totally bossy older sister. Sorry sis, you know you were.

PPS If you ever find the DVD or video Close Encounters of the Weird Kind let me know. It was a parody of the movie mentioned above and it was hilarious. I googled it. Totally weird stuff came up. Totally.


Michael Rawluk said...

Anyone who meets you probably has a Close Encounter of the Weird Kind.

Shawn said...

Wow, creepy, weird experience.

...And no, I haven't ever even heard of that movie, but now I'm curious...

tearese said...

in my family growing up someone had to say "This means something" EVERY single time we had mashed potatoes. Seriously. I don't knowwhen that movie came out, but if any of us were born then, I'm pretty sure it was only me.
We've been to Devils tower twice.
Hows that for a random fact?

N7GMT said...

Did you mean Closet Cases of the Nerd Kind?

(Although I remember it as Closet Encounters …. Hmm… faulty memory … this means something, hehe.)