Friday, June 6, 2008

SIX WORD FRIDAY 6-6-08, part 1

Excuses weaken integrity of guilty person


Anonymous said...

Hey everybody. It is my Mothers birthday today.. June 7th. She is off sugar so do not send her See's candy to her house. Sent it to me and I will keep it safe for her until she is back on sugar. Or perhaps maybe she will just get an empty box back. any how, happy birthday to my cutest mom ever I love you right down to your little cotton socks. yfc

stampingqueen said...

Happy birthday to you (and me)
happy birthday to you
happy birthday dearest Auntie!
Happy birthday to you!

I love sharing a birthday with you. I hope that you have a great day, too!

Love you,

PS - you're turning 35 this year, right?

Mildred Bergemeister said...

Guilty person weaken integrity of excuses