Wednesday, June 4, 2008


The price of gasoline is forcing the prices up all over America. Our favorite quick-lunch place raised prices today. Phil and I bought J-Dawg's yesterday--cost $2.75. Pam and I bought J-Dawg's today--cost $3.00.

Now I know it sounds unreasonable but today's J-Dawg tasted better. Maybe because it was made by the owner so it was worth the extra quarter.

Now look at this young man. Doesn't he look all of 14 years old? And yet he is the owner of J-Dawg. I hope he earns a million dollars a year, three bucks at a time.

I don't want to make you hungry or anything but here is what goes on a J-Dawg. I ask for extra sauce--because I am so saucy.

And extra banana peppers. Because I am so hot. Well, once I was hot. In the summer I am still hot==but it looks like we are not going to get summer here anytime soon so there will be no hotness in the land.

We are a spoiled nation, we want to drive up and order things through a speaker that distorts sound so we don't know if the guy on the other end thinks we want "fries with that" or "flies with fat."--I always like fat flies, don't you?--This doesn't happen at J-Dawg.

You have to speak with a real person and you have to walk up to do it.

Even if you are the UTA bus driver has to walk up. But he goes to the back door to pick up his pre-called in order.

He was out of there in less than a minute.

J-Dawg isn't the only one feeling the crunch of trucking prices. Look at this ad:

Three cans of tomato sauce for a dollar? A couple of years ago you could get 8/$1.00 and recently 6/$1.00. Not only is this sale ridiculous but look at this!

You can only buy two dollars worth! Hold on folks, if this is a hint of how things are going to be in the future I suggest you plow up the back lawn and put in a garden. Pronto.

Get the children to help. It will be good for them to learn to plant and weed and then eat the lovely produce and you will grow closer as a family.

Then you can all go to J-Dawg and take the 14 year old owner a fresh garden tomato and a tidy little pile of green beans and everyone will be happy. There will be much rejoicing in the land. And licking of the fingers so you can get every last bit of special sauce.

PS And why--you are asking yourself--did I feel the need to eat a J-Dawg two days in a row? Have you tasted a J-Dawg? As my friend Michael says: "Judge Not," until you have walked a mile in my moccasins and eaten a J-Dawg for yourself. I added that last bit because Michael lives in the land way north, where bears snack on photographers and he hasn't had a J-Dawg for himself. Yet.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

looks delish... yes he looks like a babe... as in YOUNG LOL
if you would like HOT please come visit me! it was 94 today and they say 97 tomorrow... Its HOT HOT HOT and humid here in GAWGA... yessssssss to the banana peppers.... TONIGHT WE HAD... spagetti made with veggies from the garden... and crookneck squash with onion and OH MY God has certianly touched my garden this year... YUMMMMMMMMM I would post a pic but there is NOTHING left to show LOL we 5 ate it ALL!~
HUGS Laura

Pam's Place said...

J-Dawg! Yes!! Don't tell the owner, Lynne, but I would pay more than $3 for a J-Dawg. Especially on days like yesterday (Wednesday).

Catherine said...

Don't advertise Lynnes, otherwise J-Dawg will raise prices too.
Here, everything is raising too, except our salary. To avoid complaining, let's think that we're blessed to get something to eat in our plates.
I "judge not", Lynne, but I'd like to be your guest at J-D! Looks delicious!

Lee W. said...

I'm hungry. Unfortunately, the only time I'm hot is when I'm having a hot flash...

Colette Amelia said...

yes yes we should all plant a garden and get out of the car...then the extra money we have we can buy a delicious icecream sundae or something fattening and then not worry about the money or the calories!

Astromom said...

I've never had a J-Dawg but I just might after that blog. I am thinking of making my husband build me a greenhouse this summer, so I can have fresh vegetables later and later, it is so expensive. I loved this long blog too, it was exciting to read.